Take A Detour

A friend of mine shared this very interesting idea of having a detour. In fact, this is so accurate not only in my life but everyone as well. And with his permission, this is indeed worth sharing. This is what he called as “Detour”.

As an employee, we are so dependent with our income or salary. Well that is not bad considering that we toiled and laboured for it for how many days. We go to college and earn a degree in order to get a job. We improve our skills in order to land the job we want. While there is nothing wrong with that yet there are other ways that we can earn an income without the need to physically do it. You see, being dependent to our income or salary might not sound bad. However, what will happen to you if you no longer have a job? What will you do if you are forced to resign because of age or health conditions? What if your company will close down? What will you do?

Hence he suggested “Detour”!

Detour may involve a few other steps or destinations but trust me it is worth it. Even more, this can be your safety net should something bad happen to you or your company. Take a look at the diagram.

Detour simply states that a part of our income must be directed to investments. These investments can create another source of money pool for us. So that should we no longer have a job, it is these investments that will generate us the money. No wonder there are some individuals who are eager to retire because they already have investments that can sustain their lifestyle. There is no need for them to work anymore since they have been gaining profits all along.

Perhaps you might ask, what investments should I pick?

To date, there are already a lot of investments. There are two types of such namely solid assets and liquid assets. Solid assets are the tangible ones like real estate, apartments, farm, groceries and the like. Liquid assets are the intangible ones like insurance, mutual funds, stock market and more.

For new investors, it is best as early as today to invest in liquid assets. As starters, you can get an insurance that can yield to VUL or variable universal life that combines insurance protection with investment opportunity. You may also proceed with mutual funds via your preferred banks. Such investments don’t eat a large portion of your salary. You can invest as little as 1,000.

There are many benefits of doing the detour. For one, it can be good for your retirement, it can also be an income replacement, can help you preserve your wealth and expand it. For the breadwinners this could help in financing your family’s needs and other varied financial purchases.

If you want to be ready whatever the worst case scenario is, it is best to take a detour now. Remember “The Rich are getting Richer not because of the Things that they Buy and Possesses but rather on the Investment that they have that keeps on Generating a Profit”.

Thanks to Roderick Giga for sharing his knowledge and wisdom!

P.S. To those doing the 52 Week Money Challenge and 52 Week Money Challenge Version 2, it is Week 21 already! Did you deposit the next amount yet?

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