The Story Behind The Bread

Image from lemonsito

When we look for bread, we often find ourselves in Julie’s Bakeshop. Truly they have become part in our meriendas and more. We always love their bread variety and even more its affordability. I myself am a fan of their bread.

But don’t you know that before Julie’s Bakeshop came to be, it also started out small. This bakeshop originated from Cebu City way back in 1981. The one responsible for its creation is Julie Gandionco who was a canteen concessionaire of a factory in Cebu. This factory houses thousands of employees to the point that she would farm out orders for breads from varied small bakeries. One baker exclaimed that she should consider putting up her own bake shop in order to cater to the large volume of bread demands.
However, Julie back then doesn’t know how to bake. She knows how to cook that is why she runs the canteen business. Hence, she was hesitant to go into the bakery business until the baker offered to do the baking.

Hence in 1981, Julie’s Bakeshop opened in Mandaue City. It was a great hit in the community hence not long after they opened a second branch in Urgello Street. In 1988, the said bakeshop opened its first outside Cebu branch in Iloilo City. The stores are family-owned with a few partners. Julie became a businesswoman even without the educational records. She simply has a lot of perseverance, hard work and also good business sense. And now, her bakeshop is considered the largest chain of such in the country. You could immediately find one in every corner of the city. This holds true especially when it opened for franchising in 1998. According to Bien, member of the Gandionco clan, they need to be dynamic in order to grow. That is why it is truly an amazing feat that they have 500 stores nationwide and it was started with a lady with no baking knowledge.

They know their market very well that is why their bakeshops are closely connected to neighbourhoods. They want to be known as a neighbourhood bakery. That is why they don’t embrace setting up one in malls. And now they have gone international too. They already have a store in Tangara, Indonesia. And now they are also looking for other Asian countries too.

I am pretty certain with their current business dynamics and more, their global expansion idea will explode in no time at all. After all, they are geared not just to bake bread but also to feed the people. With that, we will definitely still be loving Julie’s Bakeshop. 

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