Financial Lessons From Game of Thrones

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Maybe I just miss Game of Thrones hence the said post for today. Since the last episode can’t help but wonder what would happen next. To those who read the book, I am certain you already know but for individuals like me who didn’t we will have to wait.

Game of Thrones is one of the hottest series to date. Ok I know you have different connotation with the “hottest” word in there since the series after all involves sex and violence. However, let us see the series in another perspective and that is the financial side of it. I know George RR Martin is racking millions because of the series but undoubtedly there are hidden and not so hidden lessons about money and finances. Here are a few:

Winter is coming, be prepared

This has always been the warning by inhabitants of Westeros in the series. Well in our lives we also need to prepare for our personal financial winter. This involves unforeseen expenses and even emergencies. Anticipate circumstances like losing a job and what not. That is why, it is always best to build up your emergency fund. Allot a portion of your salary to that. You may also create a rainy day fund.

A Lannister always pays his debts

They might be one of the most hated families in the series however there is always something good with the Lannisters. And that is being able to pay their debts. To be financially stable and wealthy, debts must be eliminated. If you are starting in this path, it is always suggested to pay off your debts. Debts are after all chains that can drag us down. Not to mention the horrifying interest rates, penalty charges and the collection agencies. Hence better pay off your debts fast.

If another house can seize one of our own and hold him captive with impunity, we are no longer a house to be feared.

Tywin Lannister’s hunger for power and control is evident in the series. That is why; he manipulates things and even individuals to his favour. He wants control. And this is something we can learn from him. We must be able to control our money. Start by writing your expenses so you will know where your money goes. Keep track of your investments and your portfolio. Make sure you know how to handle your money or your money will control you. Use it as a tool to better yourself so you will not be a slave of debt and poor financial management.

There’s more to violence and power that revolves around Game of Thrones. There are financial tidbits that we can learn from every character and their experience. Hence, when you watch Game of Thrones next week, look for new lessons that can financially help you. I for one can’t wait for the next episode.

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