CEO SUITE: Suit Your Business Needs

When I had my MBA class years before, we were taught that in order for a business to flourish, you need to have the 4 P’s. The P’s are your Product, Promotion, Price and Place. Each must be meticulously considered. With that said, there is no denying that even if you have one good product but your business location is pretty much not good enough, expect that your business will fail in the long run.

Let me present a scenario.

You are starting out a very good service oriented business. Yet you are situated somewhere in a place that is so ordinary. Since you are trying to cut cost, you tend to put your business in your house. With that said, would customers even believe that your business exists. Would they be interested to go to your house then? 

Will that add credibility to you and your product?

The answer is a big NO!

Customers and those who would be interested would be keen in dealing with businesses with a reputable location. Remember, location, location, location. And the place is part of the 4 P’s in any business. It is always way better that your office or your business would be situated somewhere good, in a reputable tower in the heart of a city. With that said, it is imperative therefore that one should have a good location in the first place.

But the question is, it is pretty expensive to get a business place, how much more one that is in the heart of the business district?

There is no denying that indeed a good location is pretty much expensive. It can drain one’s capital and even revenues. However let me share a little secret. You don’t need to rent out a space in a central business district. You don’t even need to have a business space at all. You only need a business address. And how is this even possible?

The answer is to have a virtual office.

A virtual office is like having an office in a prime location without the need to be there. However, your business is registered to that address yet you will not occupy there. It is like having an office somewhere with a feasible location though you are not staying there.

To date, having a virtual office proves convenient than having a real one. There are many benefits of having this instead of renting one.
  • ·         Prestigious business address
  • ·         Professional personalized bilingual answering service
  • ·         Voicemail
  • ·         Fax number
  • ·         Fax handling and forwarding service
  • ·         Price

One key determinant why a virtual office is feasible today is because of its price. Compared to having a physical location, this is way cheaper than the latter. Hence, if you are a budding businessman, this would be ideal especially if you are just testing the water of your business or your product. In order to put emphasis on your business rather than on the place, having a good virtual office provider would be ideal. CEO SUITE is just that!

CEO SUITE is considered the region’s finest serviced office. And let me just tell you why. You see CEO SUITE provides premium executive office suites and a good virtual office. They have the most efficient as well as the prestigious means to establish your business. Not only are they situated in the Philippines but key locations in Asia as well such as Bangkok, Beijing, Jakarta, Seoul, Singapore and more. They are in charge in selecting quality buildings that prove helpful to your business establishment.

Aside from that, you would surely appreciate how strategic the locations are of their offices. They will surely be able to place your business in prestigious Grade A Buildings. They also carefully planned the accessibility of the offices as well as the ease with traveling to and fro the office for instance their serviced office.

With these and more, there is no denying that CEO SUITE is one virtual office to consider should you like to improve your business facilities and your business in general. Do not settle for mediocre counterparts and trust your business to one that full understands you. Trust only CEO SUITE.

Here’s a quick tour of their lavish office in photos:

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