52 Week Challenge Version 2: The Kuripot Pinay Version

It is so lovely to see others are already fueled up to save because of the 52 Week Money Challenge.

Yet, I got an email today asking to create a student version of the said challenge. Not to mention, I have a few friends who can’t shell out as much as 10,000 for the last few months of the year. With such a dilemma, I just cannot turn them away and not let them save. Instead, I found another way to recreate another version of the challenge. So I am challenged to create another challenge in line with the money challenge. Wow that's full of challenges. Hence, why not?

I read the comments and they provided me with the answer. Oh how lovely these individuals are. Thank you! You are great! You know who you are. 

For the students, I really don't know how much your parents gave you on a daily basis or a weekly basis. But I am certain you are getting more than 20 pesos which was my daily allowance before in college. To my working friends, I don't know how much you can be able to shell out for this kind of savings. Hence, I altered the increments by 5, 10 and 20.

5s Increment

10s Increment

20s Increment

For other people who already have a goal amount in mind, this is ideal. This also creates a uniform and consistent way to save on a weekly basis. For individuals who are paid twice a month or once a month, simply sum up the two weeks and the four weeks respectively. This also holds true for the other increments above and even the 50s increment mentioned in the 52 Week Money Challenge.

Amount Oriented Savings

Since we have different amounts or increments, I am sharing these sheets. You can directly download the file found below. Just change the amount column for the increments or grand amount for the amount oriented savings. That way, you can dictate how much you would be willing to shell out on a weekly basis and how much you would like to achieve by the end of the year.

Do take note that these money challenges are just baby steps for you to save. There are still other avenues that you can proceed if you want greater returns of your money such as mutual funds, stocks and more which I will be discussing next week.

I just hope that this will motivate you to save in order to get your heart's desire. Good luck to us and Challenge Accepted!