Tips to Get the Starbucks Planner for Less

Image from Starbucks Philippines

It is that time of the year again where planners are at an all-time high. Not to mention that Starbucks planner is perhaps one of the most coveted planners in the country. You can almost see its branches full because of people who would want to collect the stickers and complete it right away. Yet, we cannot deny the fact that such planner comes with a pretty high price tag.

If you don’t want to collect and wait until all 18 stamps are gathered, you can just shell out Php 7,000 worth of merchandise and food from the stores. Right there and then you will be able to get the Starbucks planner. But not everyone can just shell out 7,000 in an instant. No wonder the process of collecting stamps would still be ideal.

In order for you to get the new planner using the usual stamp collecting, you need to buy 18 drinks. This sums up to 2,160 provided that you order the cheapest drinks at the smallest size. And yet again, looking at that final figure, it still hurts, right?

It is no wonder that many financial advice would want you to steer clear from it and simply resort to bookstore planners that are pretty inexpensive and cheap. However, it still is pretty different if you have a Starbucks planner to have next year rather than the usual stuff you can just easily get from the shelves.

If you would really want to own a Starbucks 2019 Planner, there are many kuripot or frugal ways that you can do so. Simply imagine not spending much on this much coveted planner. That’s one great deal for me. So how can you own one for less?

Join Raffles

There are many generous souls who are willing to share and raffle off their planners. Even more, there are also bloggers who do the same. This would be one great opportunity to get this planner for free. Well, you might need to ask help from your lucky stars though but surely you wouldn’t mind considering that you will have a chance to win it. So better scour the net for possible generous Santa’s who would be ready to share their planners for free.

Coffee Dates with Friends

Image from hercampus

What better way to collect stickers when you are with your friends. Crowdfund your planner! I am most certain there are a handful that will not get it. So tag along and get their stickers instead. I’ve tried this many years ago and it saved me eight stickers. That is like eight beverages in one sitting. Thanks to my generous friends who don’t mind the planners back then. However, just be wary if you have friends who are collecting as well. Rather than hoarding the stickers of your friends it is best to divide it amongst the collectors in your circle.

Double Stickers Days

Towards the end of their planner promo, Starbucks would always give double stickers. This is a good opportunity for you to save a lot on those coffees and stickers. If you need to shell out 2,160 for 18, with double stickers, you can just get the planner for 1,080.

Image from Starbucks Philippines

There are still many kuripot ways that you can do in order to get yourself a Starbucks planner. This only means that you don’t need to shell out as much as 2,000+ for it. There are indeed many frugal ways and methods that can help you. Simply follow the ways stated above.

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