I Am Engaged

What better way to embrace the love month by being engaged! Yes, yes, yes. I am now engaged. My apologies if I cannot contain my excitement and this news is something I would like to share to my dear readers. This is just surreal and more so exciting. And I am praying that you would also experience the same. As they say, love love love.

My fiancee and I are still not thoroughly discussing things with regards to the wedding. As a matter of fact, we are still arranging a Filipino pre-wedding ritual which is the “Pamanhikan”.  A simple description of this one from Weddings At Work states:

“The blueprints of wedding plans are drawn or made known during this occasion. The pamanhikan is often hosted by the bride's family as the groom and his folks visit them to formally ask their daughter’s hand in marriage and discuss plans for the upcoming wedding over lunch or dinner. This can be an uneasy situation if it's the first time for both parties to meet. The soon-to-weds may feel a little awkward (nervous even) seeing and listening to their parents consult each other on matters like their wedding budget, guest list and the like.

It is customary that the visiting family bring a gift (often, the best home-cooked specialty of the groom's mom) for the hosts. Others may opt to hold the meeting on neutral grounds (a restaurant is a likely choice) or invite a mutual acquaintance to the gathering and help ease the awkwarness of the first meeting. Why do Pinoys bother with all the trouble? We all seek our parents' blessings for a happy and trouble-free marriage. Afterall, pamanhikan is a treasured Filipino heritage which, first and foremost, avoids the embarrassing situation of having the parents see each other as strangers come wedding day.”

As early as now I am already anticipating the costs it would entail us just for the wedding. However, I am fortunate that my partner is geared towards preparing for the marriage rather than the wedding. But we cannot deny the fact that we really need to spend on that life-changing milestone. As such, being the kuripot that I am, I would surely be wearing my kuripot-hat a lot during the preparation process.

In addition, I would also be sharing the journey with you. I would be writing a lot of kuripot Wedding preparations and more. What areas did I lessen the cost and many other related details. I do hope you are as excited as I am. Can’t wait to begin the journey. 

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