Budget Friendly Valentine’s Ideas

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Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and it’s on the weekend too! This means that every possible option to treat your SO is available at your disposal.

But wait!

There’s something wrong. Your wallet is suddenly thinner than pizza crust. Oh lo and behold when the 14th just so happens to be the gap between you and your scheduled salary, so from here on out, you’re going to be on a tight budget. But how do you still make Valentine’s very special? Take note, this is not only for guys but for girls as well.

It’s not about the money. Forget that stupid song. Valentine’s Day is a special day because it commemorates the death of St Valentine who was martyred for holding secret weddings to couples. The concept of Valentines is togetherness, there’s no need to book a fancy restaurant or a room in a 5-star hotel just to make your SO happy.

1.) A picnic – Nothing’s more relaxing than a picnic, and the beach or any outdoor venue is perfect. Why not enjoy the outdoors for once? Breathe in the wonderful sea air as you and your SO enjoy a meal together and watch the sunset disappear into the horizon.

2.) Home cooked meals – Home cooked meals are the best alternative to going out this 14th, and not because you’re saving money, but because cooking for your SO is a very wonderful feeling. Sure, you may not be as talented as Gordon Ramsey, but you can still download his recipes from the Internet. This is also a good way to impress your SO with your newfound cooking skills.

3.) Watch downloaded movies – There are a shitload of romantic movies up for grabs from the Internet and a movie marathon will definitely be on the top list for budget friendly Valentine’s Ideas. To start with, you can download titles like One Day, Dear John, The Vow, The Notebook, and you can even go with classics like Casablanca.

4.) Handcrafted gifts – Hallmark cards too cheesy for you? Why not make your own card? Don’t print it out, you dolt. Rather, write! Your penmanship, regardless of its quality, will make the letter more sincere than any coloured printer in the market. Buy a cartolina, cut it by 1/8th its original size and let your creativity and inner Shakespeare do the work for you.

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