Your Money: Your Honey

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It is February. For the lovers out there and people who are in love, I am most certain that you are at your happiest state. And I know you are slowly generating plans on what to do on Valentine’s Day. Now before this post will go astray let us go back to the subject at hand and it is all about your money, your honey.

I am not saying that you marry your money. Worst, exchange vows with it. Sure it won’t say “I do” and “Till death do us part” back. However, adding a little romance to how you treat your money and your money relationship can drastically turn your financial health upside down.

What do I mean by this?

This simply entails treating your money like your honey. Some would even exclaim treat it like a jealous lover. The word there is “treat” and not “make”. We use money all the time. In every transaction there is that price tag. However, chances are, we simply don’t pay attention to it. We use it mindlessly buying stuffs here and there. Then we find out that we no longer have any money. Hence, we wait for the next pay check to arrive. And then we repeat.

Some articles would even emphasize the value of money as energy. After all, it is attracted to individuals who would treat it right. Like attracts like as they say.

Bottom line is to take care of money like your partner. You take care of it like he is your precious one. Like how you usually treasure a relationship. So how do you do this? Here’s how it is done.


If you are in a serious committed relationship with someone, you would want to give your whole-hearted attention when you are with him or her. This is also true with your money. As much as possible, you really need to account on things in relation to your money. Track down your expenses and identify where your money goes. More than that, see to it that you know how much is your cash inflow and cash outflow.


Handle your cash mindfully. Don’t just squander it and buy things whenever wherever. Just because an item is on sale, you would just let your money go. Give your money value. Identify that when you just mindlessly spend it, it will be gone. When you show money respect, it will eventually respect you back. Furthermore, it would be pretty hard for you to let it go.


When you are in a relationship, you would want to build strong and solid foundation. It must be rooted in it so that it won’t topple down or worst gone awry.  Same thing with your money. You would want to root in solid foundation with it before you even spend some of it. Make sure you have a strong and steady cash inflow and must be over and above your outflow. So that if something bad happens, you can still be able to stand up. That is why, it is mentioned over and over again to build your emergency fund and get insurance. Be ready with your money.

It is important that you get to appreciate your money like your lover and your partner. Who knows, what your money will reward you.

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