The Coffee Planner Mania: Why I am Not Getting One And How You Could Get It For Less

Image from Starbucks Philippines

It is already November! Few more days before we say goodbye to 2014. And what does it imply? Planners! This is usually the time that most of our coffee establishments are releasing their 2015 Planners. Every single time they would launch it, many would flock to the store in order to get that precious card where you collect technically a lot of stamps. Once completed, you can then exchange it for their most coveted planner.

However, I admit I was once like the many who would visit Starbucks in order to start collecting the stamps. I have been doing this for the longest time starting 2006. Yet, I only have four planners since when I went home to Cagayan de Oro by 20007, there was no Starbucks yet. Then it came to the city and boom the planner mania in me has awakened. Since then, I have added one planner a year to my collection. I would be so proud having it around. Simply imagine the work and the coffees that you need to drink down in order to get one. It was one precious item back then to the point that I don’t write on it. So much for having a planner huh Then, it would just sit in my cabinet collecting dust and never to see the light of day again. And from the looks of it, I am not maximizing such expensive item and even more it didn’t serve me well. That is why this year, I am not collecting and getting one for myself. And this is a personal preference of mine.

You might wonder, why? Here are my reasons.


In order to get a planner, you need to buy their beverages to qualify for a stamp. Most of the time, you are required to collect more than 10 stamps and is dependent in your preferred coffee place. For instance, Starbucks requires 18 while CBTL requires 12. For example if each of their handcrafted beverages cost 150, you are required to spend 2,700 and 1,800 respectively. If you do not want to do the collecting, you can opt to purchase it one time at a bigger cost. In order to get a Starbucks planner instantly, you need to spend 7,000 bulk purchase of food and other retail items. This is really big especially if you are keen with your finances. Even more, that amount can be spent better in other items such as our needs. However, if this is just a pinch of your money then you can always go for it. That amount can get you a lot of planners from the bookstores. Plus, there are relatively cheap planners that are of great quality.


There is no denying that items from these coffee stores are relatively high in calories. A short peppermint mocha has 240. If you are going to multiply it by 18 it will be 4,320 calories. Well of course you can always order other variety like their brewed coffee at 5 calories per cup. And this can be your cheapest purchase at 90 pesos. Hence, if you are conscious with your weight and your calorie intake, you might want to steer clear from their beverages.

Cannot Use

This is from my personal experience. Though I tend to collect stamps in order to have a planner, it seems I cannot use it wisely. It has been a trend that I don’t bring it with me because of its size. That is why, instead of bothering collecting it might as well buy a small one in the bookstore that can easily fit my bag and even my purse.

For those who are interested still to get those planners, here are easy ways for you to have one.

Tag With Friends

The best way to get those stickers easily and without worrying about the money would be to come with your friends. If you are the only one collecting the stickers and they would all be ordering, you can be able to collect a substantial amount of it. However, if your friends are also collecting the same, you might compete with them. Hold your meetings there and ask your friends politely if you can get their stickers. Talk your way into it.

Join Giveaways

Many bloggers are hosting coffee planner giveaways. If you are lucky, you might win their planner. You just simply need to follow their rules and other things such as liking their page, tweeting the giveaway and more. Start to scout for bloggers who might host one. You can trace back bloggers since last year who did it. Most of the time, they would also be hosting the same giveaway in their blogs this year. Trust me there are a lot in the blogosphere and you may want to join in each.

Getting those coffee planners or not is a personal choice. If the price would be a pinch of your money and you think you can really use and maximize it, then getting one would be ideal. However, if this is pretty hard for your wallet especially that you still have varied expenses during the holidays, you might consider forgetting the idea of getting one. If you are not keen with brands, there are always great planners around that are of great in terms of quality and low in cost too.

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