Kuripot Pinay’s Podcast 2: An OFW in Debt and My Book Club

Another episode of my Kuripot Pinay's Podcast and this time two topics are covered and answered. And these are the following:
An OFW in Debt

This came from a reader of mine who asked for inquiries on how to solve her debt cycle and dilemma. Majority of her salary is actually going for debt payment. Even the money that she sent to her family in the Philippines is loaned. And she wants to get out of this cycle as soon as she can. Check out how neck deep her debt is in this podcast and my solutions in order to help her out from that situation.

Book Club

I am happy to announce my very own Book Club. At the start of the month, I will be picking up a book about finance and I am strongly encouraging you as well to read it with me. Before the month ends, I will be writing or podcasting a review about the book and I would want you to be a part of it by commenting. But the most important thing is for you to read my book recommendation too. One book a month ain’t bad right? This month I am encouraging you to read My Maid Invests In the Stock Markey by Bro. Bo Sanchez.

To know more about the topics presented, click on the play button of this podcast. Remember, you can also participate in the podcast by sending me a message so I can acknowledge you or if you want me to greet you. Even more, if you have financial related concerns, feel free to contact me.

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