4 No Cost Christmas Gifts You Can Give

Image from largerfamilylife

Christmas is just around the corner. I bet many are already thinking and over thinking on what gifts to give and more so their recipients. No wonder this can be one stressful holiday because of the many things to do and many things to spend on. Because of the varied expenses, it is no wonder that many incurred debts in the process.

However, that should not be the case. Christmas is supposed to be spent happily with family and friends. More so, it should not be a headache and it should not mean incurring debts. If you really want to give presents to your family or friends without spending a cent, here are some no costs Christmas gifts to give that are special and more so wallet-friendly.

Gift 1: Time

The best present that you can give to your family and friends would be your time. Spend time to be with them and talk to them. Remember the opportunities when you were not there because you were swamped with work or obligations. A simple house get together will do. Give them quality time like you’ve never had before. This is perfect for parents who would want to spend more time with their kids. Plus, professionals who have been away from home because of work. Rekindle your relationship with your loved ones in the best way that you can.

Gift 2: Attention

Remember the time that you were not able to hear what the other person said because you were relatively busy with your phone or with work? We all have that tendency. But this coming holiday why not give them the gift of attention. Listen to what they got to say without distractions on your end. Store your phone away and connect with your friend or family. Be at the receiving end and empathize on the things they would want to share. Give them advice and words of encouragement if you have to. Let them feel that you are there for them.

Gift 3: Knowledge

Christmas is all about sharing. Why not share your knowledge to other people and perhaps you might want to start something out from it. Do you have a special skill that you would like to share? Can you play an instrument or two? Do you know how to speak another language? Then provide trainings that are free to your family, friends or anyone interested to know. You may provide daily lessons during the Christmas break or weekly lessons depending on your schedule. Gather around individuals who would like to learn from your skills and expertise. Who knows, someone might be interested to hire you in the end to continue the training.

Gift 4: Services

This is very similar to the third gift. If you are good at a particular service, you might want to share this one to your family and friends for free. For instance, if you are good with dogs, offer to walk their dogs around. If you are keen with kids, you might want to babysit for them. I am certain they would surely appreciate such efforts most especially if they are busy still with work and other holiday related activities.

Gift giving need not be expensive. Even more, we need not spend a cent for it. There are still other items at our disposal that we can give that are absolutely zero in terms of cost. Let us tow away the idea of extravagant gift giving during the holidays. Let us reconnect with what Christmas really is and how generous was the Man who was born on this special day giving us the most selfless gift known to us.

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