Off The Hook: Teaser Of My First E-book

After how many months I am finally launching my first e-book. I was supposed to do it earlier this year however there were obstacles along the way leading to its delay. Even more, I know I was not yet ready to launch it. But alas with all the remaining confidence that I have, I am finally doing it. Am I? Yes I am!

I have always aimed to become an author. I still remember those days in school where I create a little book out of bond papers, fold it and staple it. Then I assume that it is my book. Little did I imagine that fast forward to today, I am indeed realizing a dream that I already forgot. It seems that dream has been collecting cobwebs in the attic of my brain. With so many things going on in one’s life, there is no denying that some dreams can indeed be pushed aside.

I never knew the trials of writing a book until I wrote that very first word. Good thing I don’t have deadlines for this however, I know I need to finish it. Not to mention there were hurdles along the way most especially the time that I was able to finish the entire thing. For one, I have been aiming to get this published but there were problems with my sought after publisher and meetings were cancelled. Plus, it was not easy going to Manila to meet up since I can only do so when I have seminars. I really want to push this book that is why I have decided to turn it into an e-book instead (push mo yan!). This is the closest thing that I can get right now in publishing a book but hey at least I am taking some small baby steps. Hello Internet, you will be my official book store partner.

I will be officially launching the book on October 15. That’s the cover right there. Plus, I can guarantee that it is not expensive. Even more, you will learn more about the 52 Weeks Money Challenge and how the challenge can help your life become a consistent and accomplished saver.

As early as now I would like to thank the people who believed in me that pushed me to write this one. And most especially to you the readers of Kuripot Pinay. Because of you, you made my dreams into reality. I cannot thank you enough for all the support and more so of doing the 52 Weeks Money Challenge with me. This book is fuelled with your love and support. You inspire me.

P.S. To those doing the 52 Week Money Challenge and 52 Week Money Challenge Version 2, it is Week 40 already! Did you deposit the next amount yet?

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