Kung May Tiis Ganda may Tiis Gastos Din

In English, if there is Suffered Nice (tiis ganda) there is also Suffered Costs (tiis gastos). Now that is Google’s Translation right there. Well this can also be translated to beauty or nice suffering and cost suffering or perhaps enduring for beauty and enduring from costs respectively (thank you Alexandr). Ok let us just revert back to its Filipino counterpart shall we.

In the field of beauty and fashion, ‘tiis ganda’ is one popular phrase. This refers to do absolutely everything even how painful it is in the pursuit of beauty and looks. Take for instance girls wearing heels is a painful experience. Regardless if you are an expert walking with it, if you have been using it for many hours, your feet will surely take a beating. However, most of the girls will just continue wearing it simply because wearing heels looks beautiful and it can help beautify the totality of what the girl is wearing. Sometimes, women would also do varied procedures and surgeries in order to make them more beautiful. Women would just have to beat the temporary suffering in order to get its lifelong beautiful benefit.

Now how about we also do the same in the field of finance! That is we do ‘tiis gastos’. In here we shall be suffering for a little amount of time because we want to yield something better or even better with regards to our money and finances.  Exactly how can we do that?

There are many things that we can temporarily suffer in order to maximize the returns of our hard-earned money. Here are a few examples.


One thing that people don’t like about insurance is that you need to constantly pay for it in a monthly, quarterly or annual basis for a span of years. No wonder, people don’t like to get it because of such work. Even more, one might exclaim they have no budget at all for it. Instead of paying for an insurance they could just use the money to spend on something. However, if we look at it in a different perspective, though you might be suffering your finances for years, having an insurance could yield good results in the process. What if for instance something bad happened to you? You can no longer work and you are the breadwinner of the family. How can your family sustain the lifestyle and also the general expenses? With an insurance, this could help you maintain your lifestyle and getting something in the process. Even worst should you be taken out in this world, the insurance company will give a huge amount to your family. That is something better compared to leaving them with nothing at all.


They always say save, save and save. However, many of us don’t seem to take this into practice. It seems saving is a farfetched practice. Yes savings meant taking a specific portion of your salary and putting it to your bank account or savings account. Some might say, I got a lot of expenses to deal with. Even worst, my money isn’t even enough for my expenses. Hence, in the end they have zero savings. Now what if an emergency occurs? Say for instance, someone in your family got hospitalized? Where will you get the money? Should you have savings, this would not be a concern. You can simply withdraw your money and use it for such. Should you not have one, this could mean the family will need to get a loan with higher interest.


The market has been increasing the past years and this could mean greater reward to its investor. Simply imagine doubling or tripling your money and making your money work for you. This is indeed a good way to pour in your money. Allocate a certain portion every month of your salary to the stock market or mutual fund. In years, you will see your money steadily rising. True you might not buy that shoes in the boutique’s rack because you opt to buy stocks instead however in years, you can buy more shoes in the process.

‘Tiis gastos’ is indeed a mantra that one should abide. If you see something nice in malls yet you know you can use that money to save, invest or purchase insurance then why won’t you just stop and allocate your money there temporarily. Your money could increase in the process and you will be getting more rewards in the end. So stop and remember ‘tiis gastos’ muna.

P.S. To those doing the 52 Week Money Challenge and 52 Week Money Challenge Version 2, it is Week 40 already! Did you deposit the next amount yet?

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