7 Simple Money Hacks And Tricks To Perk Up Your Finances

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To date, there are already many hacks and tricks circulating in the Internet to make our lives simpler. We are often appalled by some lists that made us realize the other uses of those things. There’s that Aha moment where we appreciate that those are indeed useful and we can’t seem to decipher before its use.

Alas, we can also do some simple hacks and tricks to improve our finances. Even more, these are effective one’s that I have incorporated and truly it made a great difference in my wallet and my finances.

1. Cash over credit. I tend to bring a sufficient amount of cash every week in order to limit my expenses and even more control my money. To make it even more controlled, I only bring cash instead of my credit cards and also debit cards. Well I no longer have a credit card so my debit card. Then I will budget it from there. The key here is, bringing those cards could tempt you to use it for purchases since it could serve as your cash blanket. Without them, you would really go heights to budget whatever cash you have on hand.

2. Withdraw once a week. Make it a habit to withdraw only once a week or twice a month. Withdraw a sufficient amount of money that can help you last until the next withdraw date. Then don’t bring your ATM card after that. This is so in order to keep your withdrawals at bay and even more can force you to budget the money that you have.

3. Do-it-yourself. DIY has proven a good way to spend less and save more. Try bringing your lunch to school rather than eating out with friends. Instead of letting the laundry shop do your dirty clothes, you can just do the washing yourself. There are many no cost alternatives that you can do for yourself.

4. Automate your savings. Years before, I don’t really know how to save my salary. Until I know of automation. From then on, I automate my salary to get a specific portion of it that would directly go to my savings account. What would then be deposited to my ATM would be the money minus the savings. Whenever I visit my bank to check on my savings account, I am often surprised how much I already accumulated. There was no turning back since then. And I just love it.

5. Declutter. I notice that this process does not only make my room clean but also beefs up my money. The secret? Sell these items. I did a major closet cleaning before then sold some of those clothes. I simply took a picture and upload it to my Facebook profile. I got countless inquiries and interests. In a matter of days, half of those clothes were sold.

6. No spend day. I vowed to have one day in a week where I will not spend at all. And that day is Sunday. I don’t usually go out every Sunday. I just stayed home and be with my family. I notice that on that day, I don’t tend to spend at all. It is just a breather to those days where I would spend to go to work and eat out. Then I notice with that day, I can be able to save a lot and appreciate the free things in life.

7. Cutting out excessive bills. I tend to outline before my monthly expenses. Then I notice majority of it stems out from bills. I got a postpaid plan before, then Internet connection and my credit cards. Identifying those items, I didn’t renew my postpaid plan, lower the bandwidth of my net connection and cut my credit cards. Hence, every month, I don’t expect any billing statements from my network and even from my credit cards.

These are just some simple money hacks I incorporated to perk up my finances. I am certain there are still a lot that you can do more than the seven stated above. The important thing is to do activities that will help you and your wallet. Because in the end, it is our finances that we are talking about here.

P.S. To those doing the 52 Week Money Challenge and 52 Week Money Challenge Version 2, it is Week 39 already! Did you deposit the next amount yet?

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