5 Tips To Give Your Money A Holiday

Image from sleepschoolonline

Hurray today is a holiday! This could mean more time for us and our family. No class, no work and whatsoever. This is a good time to recharge our mind and our body ready for tomorrow’s workload and final exams for my students. This could surely help boost our energy and prepare for another week.

During the holidays, it is not only ourselves that we need to tone down and relax. Even our money need a breather or a break as well. Simply imagine how much money you can use in a day’s work. Look at the expenses you can shell out like going to the office or school, eating out with friends and office-mates and more and the other expenses that might go along the way. Hence since today is a holiday, it would also be best that we also give it its must needed rest. Here are some tips on how.

1. Stay at home. One thing that compels us to spend money and use our credit cards is when we go out. Of course there is that notion to spend for food, transportation and recreation. How much more when we go to the malls? Simply imagine the amount of money you would be spending. Hence, if you are aiming to give your money its much needed holiday, it would be best to store your money somewhere safe and stay at home. Spend time with your family and bond over a movie.

2. Cook food. Now I know we want to relax and rest during the long weekend and even more order a takeout or a quick delivery but again this could entail cost. In that case, why won’t you open your refrigerator and see if there are meals that you can cook with the already existing ingredients that you have. Showcase your cooking prowess to your family while saving a lot in the process. Remember home cook meals are the best how much more if it is sprinkled with love and care.

3. Walk your way. Sure you would want to go someplace else but since you have all the time in your hands and you are not bonded with schedules might as well take a walk instead. But this is not suggested if your destination is far. You might want to walk around your yard or perhaps your subdivision. For sure there are new things to discover that you cannot when you are always in a hurry to go to work or to school.

4. Free recreation. So you think you cannot do anything if you won’t spend? I beg to differ. There are free recreation that you can do while at home. You can always watch TV, surf the net for new movies, check your Facebook page and chat away with friends. You may also want to pull that book you’ve bought before and start reading it. Or play board games with your family. I am certain you miss scrabble and snakes and ladders and more.

5. Sleep. This is one luxury one cannot have while working. Since it is a holiday might as well sleep after lunch or get that early evening sleep. This will surely make your body refresh for the next day. Even more, you don’t need to spend anything as well just to sleep. I’m sure you miss the comfort of your bed and you would want to stay long with it. This is your chance to wake up late and sleep early. Oh the joys of sleeping.

The holiday is indeed a great day to energize and even more spend time with our family. This is also a great day to be able to take a break from all the hustle in work and in school. Even more, this is also a good day to give our money a break. After all, the best things in life are still free.

P.S. To those doing the 52 Week Money Challenge and 52 Week Money Challenge Version 2, it is Week 39 already! Did you deposit the next amount yet?

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