Your Millions Calculator: Saving Your Way To Millions

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A good friend of mine shared this spreadsheet that he has been using whenever he tap an individual with regards to financial literacy. He too is an advocate of such that is why I am thankful that he sent over this sheet to share.

The sheet is relatively simple. In here, you will simply enter the rate that your money could get in an annual basis, your current age and the amount you could be able to save up monthly or yearly. Then the sheet would compute the principal value along with the rate showing you the current value in line with the number of years and your age. This is a pretty straightforward sheet that will help you assess how much you can be able to save in the process.

There are many things we can assess from here that definitely struck me. First one would be the rate, the age and the monthly income. Let us break these three.


This is one of the working horses of our ability to save a lot, millions perhaps. The rate would be the one responsible for folding our money many times. Failure to identify a good avenue with good interest rate could only mean not maximizing the potential of our money. True we can save a lot in the process however if we just situate our money to an area that doesn’t provide much, then we could be working and saving all our life. It would be best to look for an avenue where an interest rate would be higher. Good examples for this would be mutual funds and the stock market.


Time is your ally with regards to your money. The earlier you invest, the better. It is with this regard that the best time to invest is now. Hence, do not wait for you to get older and earn more before you invest. Remember the law of compounding interest. We could only maximize our money gain in line with time. Wealth is relative with time. You cannot just build your wealth overnight unless you win in a lottery. But considering that slim percentage of possible winners, we could only do so much. Hence, better invest now.

Monthly savings

Regardless if we know where to put our money and we would be investing today, if we don’t know how to save, it would still fail. Before venturing into investment, make sure that you have your savings with you. In spite of having a substantial amount of money, it would be best to come up with your emergency funds first and your insurance. Plus, investment is a commitment that you get to save such amount every single time. It would be best to incorporate the habit of savings first.

The key to earning your millions is bounded with these three pillars; money, age and rate. Make sure you get to make the most out of the three in order to maximize the gain of your money over time. Furthermore, these are your three allies that can make that millions a reality. So play with the table to know when you will be able to generate such.

P.S. To those doing the 52 Week Money Challenge and 52 Week Money Challenge Version 2, it is Week 39 already! Did you deposit the next amount yet?

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