How To Mind Control Yourself To Save Today

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So you think savings is hard? Think again. Well yeah it is. No one has the drive to save without the background and the experience. Even more, the habit of savings doesn’t happen overnight. One needs to toil really hard with regards to such. And it could take a long time before it can be embedded in our system. If you really want to incorporate that habit of savings within but it seems the willpower is low, mind controlling to save would be the best way to go.

So how does this work?

This is a true story on how one was able to condition his mind and his habit to save up. This is an experience as told by Nikko.

Long time ago, Nikko doesn’t save at all. Considering that he was still young and working, the notion of savings was still farfetched back then. However, he really wants to incorporate the habit of savings but it seems it was not working. So he devised a strategy.

He asked his mother for a loan. He was going to spend the money on something and promise that he would pay his mother a fix amount every month. In just a handful of months, he was able to pay in full his mother. Right after finishing his loan, he was still not able to save at all.

So he continued his strategy. He asked his mother 100,000 and promises to pay 10,000 every month. Hence, he would be able to finish his loan in 10 months. And he did! In 10 months time he was able to complete paying his mother. Since he no longer has a loan and he was used to setting aside a specific amount, he was able to redirect the supposed to be payment funds to his savings. Since then, he never looked back. He already has the habit of savings within him because of those drastic loans that forced him to allocate a portion of his salary to pay those. In the end, when he was able to fully pay such, he redirects the money to his savings. And truth be told, it didn’t happen overnight. It was a long process but regardless he was able to emerge victorious with the habit of savings.

There are many ways for one to mind control themselves in order to save. Nikko did one strategy that you can apply provided that the loaned amount is manageable in your end and would not cripple your income and expenses. What you are doing here is to manipulate your brain and your system and reform it in alignment of your objective. In this case, it is to save.

In order to start with the mind control process, it is important to create a system that would disrupt yourself. In the case of Nikko, it is disrupting his finances by asking a big loan from his mother. Bear in mind that this is a subtle and sophisticated approach. You also need a manipulator. It is the person doing the manipulation. For Nikko, it is his mother. Hence, Nikko as a willing participant believes that the manipulator has their best interests in mind.

If you can’t seem to save at all because of varied external environments perhaps a mind control activity would do. You might want to do what Nikko did but just make sure that when you get a loan, it is something that you can manage to pay and let the borrowed money grow. Or you can have other mind controlling activities that will instill the habit of allocating funds that in the end you can redirect to savings and investing.

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