Simple Business Ideas For The Holidays

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Less than 100 days till Christmas. The wind is getting colder and the atmosphere is getting Christmasy. It is evident that this is my most favourite time of the year. Can you blame me? Even if I am no longer a kid in terms of age, I will always be a kid at heart. I am still looking forward to that clock turning 12mn and eating Noche Buena with the family and giving gifts. But, there’s also one thing you can duly do this season. And it is creating your very own business.

Yes you read that right! As a matter of fact, you can start your own sideline during the holidays. Yes, yes and yes! Considering the purchasing power of the people during this season, this is definitely a good time to sell something that can add income during the holidays. The money you can generate can help you out with the varied expenses and demands of the season. Even more, you might find a business that you can then develop throughout the year. If you are still not sure as to what business ideas to inject during the holidays, here are simple suggestions.


Food is everywhere during the holidays. However, most of the time, people don’t want to make their own dishes because of the time. With that, you can open up your very own catering business. Share your most coveted dishes to others at a reasonable price. Considering the number of parties and potluck events during Christmas, for sure this would business would be a hit. Especially if you introduce a new dish in among your friends, it would surely spread like wildfire.


Everyone loves treats. And Christmas would surely be sweeter with desserts. Try your hands in baking. There are even no-bake recipes online that are just delicious and market-worthy. Bake cupcakes and cookies. People would buy these desserts by bulk hence you would surely get amazing orders. You can even customize the wrapping so it can serve as a gift too. In fact, I am venturing into dessert business this time. Wish me luck!

Christmas Cards

This business is ideal for those with relatively creative minds and artistic hands. You can design beautiful greeting cards that you can sell online or offline. You can also opt for customize Christmas greeting cards at a premium price. If you are not confident with your creativity, you can also buy bulk greeting cards and sell them individually.

Christmas Decorations

Individuals tend to pour in a lot of money for Christmas decoration. This can be a good business to tap during the season. You can opt to create your own Christmas decoration and sell it. Even more, you can render your Christmas decorating service to your neighbours. Since many don’t have the time to decorate, this will surely be a hit. You will be the one in charge of beautifying their houses and exude that Christmas atmosphere in their home.

Christmas Baskets

I love making Christmas baskets. They are pretty giveaways to give to officemates and friends. This can be a good business to venture into. The good thing about this is that you simply buy the items and group them accordingly. Then have a pretty basket and wrap it neatly. There is also variety with Christmas baskets making it ideal for everyone. For instance, you can make a wine basket, fruit basket, chocolate baskets and more. Christmas baskets can also pass as presents too.

Related Skills

There are many events that you can venture in which you can render your skills. For instance, if you are good with hosting, you can provide your service to varied Christmas parties and events. I did this once last year and I earned 2,000 for a two hour hosting service in a bank during their Christmas party. There are also other skills you can venture like singing, dancing, gift wrapping, personal shopping and more.

Every day is an opportunity to create business, how much more during the holidays. With that idea in mind, there are indeed many avenues for one to put up a business in the yuletide season. You only have to identify the need of your prospect consumers and invest from there. Who knows, what might be your holiday business can span throughout the year. Take note, that would be an added income on your end.

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