Practical Tips For Today’s Breadwinner

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So we have been talking about savings and investment for the longest time yet there is a sector in the society that believes they cannot pull it off. Their reason is that they are the family’s breadwinner. Considering our society today, there is no denying that there is that certain family member who works for the benefit of the family. That my friend is one noble post to begin with and I cannot begin to imagine the kind of labor you put for the sake of your family.

However, being the breadwinner has its limits as well. You cannot go on forever with this while sacrificing your personal and even your financial life. I’ve heard and read some breadwinners who really wanted to save up and invest but they can’t because they prioritize their money for their family. As early as now let me stress that there’s nothing wrong with that. As a matter of fact, I applaud that level of dedication. Yet sooner or later you must also think about yourself. How are you supposed to take care of your family when you are not secured in the first place? How will you support them financially when your financial structure crumbles or when you no longer have a job? As such, here are some tips that can ensure that you remain strong and productive even if you work alone.


Most breadwinners work really hard. Some even maintain multiple jobs while others would do overtime every single day. Please do not work yourself to death. True the more jobs you have the greater your source of income. However, don’t push yourself to your limits that in the long time you would experience stress and fatigue. Know that your body can only do so much. And remember in the event you get sick, it is your family who will bear the expenses.

Ask Help

Do not be afraid to ask help from your family members. You see every year the cost of our basic necessities increases while our salary take a lot of years before it does. Being the sole financial provider is a pretty tough spot. And asking for help doesn’t mean bailing out from it. It’s just that you need to have a partner in order to bring more in the table. Communication is key here. Your dependents must know your situation and they must be aiding you out in any way they can. There are always home based incomes or home based businesses that they can do to help you out.

Pay Yourself First

Since you are the breadwinner might as well secure your spot in order to secure your family members. Make sure you get to pay yourself first every payday. Save up even a minimal amount and invest. It may not be in the stock market but there are also UITF’s and others offered and managed by banks. Get insurance in order to protect yourself and also your family. Be prepared for any circumstance.

Should you be a breadwinner remember these tips. Again, know your limits, ask for help and always pay yourself first. By following such can serve as weapons again tough times and breadwinner can emerge as winners rather than victims in the long run. 

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