From Houseboy To Businessman

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Simply imagine how a houseboy can become a businessman. Even more, what could they have done in order to attain that status? Marino T. Apa is exactly that. He was a former houseboy and became businessman.
His story opens with a love story where he met his wife and business partner Antonia. They were phone pals during that time. When that moment opened where they could finally meet, Marino was having doubts. After all, he is just a houseboy. However he introduced himself as such and Antonia was friendly and approachable. They became sweethearts and married after four years. After that, they lived and raised their family in Tipolo in Mandaue City.

Marino’s employer sent him to two year automotive vocational school. However, this was not enough for him. Hence, he enrolled in high school even if he already has kids. Because of his automotive degree, he was able to land a job in San Miguel. He seized the company’s Education program where he went to college. However he eventually had to quit because his kids got sick.

His wife supported his husband dearly. She was working at a factory and sold various items. When their eldest will go to college that is when they realize they need to work more. Hence, Antonia sold clothes and Marino tried selling beer.

On September 15, 1989 they became San Miguel wholesalers with a capital of 4,200. He took a loan in order to buy a bicycle cart. He remembered it was hard and the most difficult time of their life. He is a full time driver at that time and he would come home at 2:00 AM or 4:00 AM. Yet he need to pick up beers and deliver. Once, I crashed into an excavation in front of San Miguel and broke two cases worth about P200 each," he said, "I don’t know how long I sat on the pavement, moping over the loss." Back then they couldn’t afford any loss from breakages.

Antonia is helping his husband in any way she can. In fact she didn’t spend a single cent from the beer sales. They would use it to increase their orders. Then their sales rose. Their bicycle cart turned jeep. Then their Tamaraw. And now they have three elf trucks, the Tamaraw and a pick up to deliver beers to over 100 outlets.

Marino and Antonio attributed their success to devoted service, hardwork and perseverance. They were kind to their loyal consumers and they continue to build rapport to new ones. No wonder many flock to them because of their credibility and reliability. Indeed miracles happen because these couple made it happen. 

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