5 Powerful Perspectives Of The Millionaire’s Mind

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I wanna be a millionaire (billionaire), so freaking bad. Buy all of the things I never had. I wanna be on the cover of Forbes magazine. Smiling next to Oprah and the Queen. Ok enough of Bruno Mars and the singing. Let’s proceed with the post at hand.

We often wonder why some people are rich and why we are average. In spite of our efforts and sacrifices, we always fell short. Others on the other hand have their easy way around to becoming a millionaire. And we always thought that we can do more and we can do better, but why?

Becoming a millionaire does not only involve having the money and the effort to make it big. It still boils down to perspective. And most known millionaires and even billionaires that we have today think of these ways before they reach that status. And today, we would be able to know five powerful perspectives they incorporated making them different from the others. We are going to look deep into their mind to identify their inner game plan with regards to wealth. With that we would be able to adopt such perspective to ourselves and be as financially successful as them.

Millionaires are committed to be rich

We all want to be rich right? However, millionaires are committed to being one. There is a big difference between the two perspectives. The want is simply an ambition to look forward in the future whereas committed involves working for it to realize the dream. Millionaire people know that they want to become rich. That is why they pour in their energy and resources for it. They give 100% to it without ifs and buts. They are fully and totally committed to become one.  Whereas many of us just like to daydream what would it be like being rich. We love the idea of being one however we fall short in terms of effort and our level of commitment. The rich ones on the other hand are channelling their time and their efforts.

Millionaires are focused on opportunities

Successful entrepreneurs become one simply because they were able to tap an opportunity and a market. Take for instance when planning on a business. Rich people tend to see the opportunity hence they will be able to easily create the business. The others on the other hand are more focused on problems and obstacles. Even before doing it, fear is in front of them. We can’t seem to move an inch because of the fear of disappointment, the fear of loss and the fear of failure. But hey you wouldn’t know right if you haven’t started it? Millionaires tend to take risk because they are confident with their capabilities. No wonder they make it big. They are more geared towards opportunities than obstacles and fears.

Millionaires are optimistic

Know the great Warren Buffet? When the US stocks plummeted years ago because of the recession he was very optimistic with his stocks. Many individuals were scared at this point in time that is why they withdraw their money and ended up with a huge lost on their end. However, Buffet bought stocks instead of selling his stocks. After all the prices during that time are so low. And now that the US economy is back on its track, simply imagine the gains Buffet has right now. Millionaires are optimistic. They exude this very positive outlook in life. We often cannot see where such optimism is coming from. They always look forward to the good things and expect good things too.

Millionaires are frugal

Believe it or not in spite of their money, millionaires are frugal. True they might have a lot to offer in the table but they chose to save their wealth and their money and make it work for them. I often heard of a few millionaires in the city who dresses ordinarily. You can’t see them in a coat and tie. They opt to enjoy the frugal things in life and remain like that in spite of the millions they have. They know the value of saving money rather than squandering it.

Millionaires are focus on net worth

We often say millionaires have varied sources of income that is why they become one. Of course that is true. They have many resources of cash and assets whereas we only rely on our salary. Millionaires are geared in improving their net worth. That is why they have income, savings, investments and businesses. No wonder they become rich! The true measure of wealth is not with regards to income. It is on net worth. This is the financial value of everything you own. No wonder rich people have a lot of properties, businesses and investments (like stocks, bonds and more).

Knowing these perspectives will duly help as shift our paradigm to that of a millionaire’s mind. Perhaps it would be best that as early as today, we get to apply these in our daily lives and how we treat life in general. Of course we want our lives to improve in the next years to come right? So why not change our perspective first and think like a millionaire. In time, we could be able to adopt it and act it so we would be financially successful like them. 

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