3 Easy Businesses To Establish at Zero Capital

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Business is a good way to earn money. It is a great investment after all. It is also the third quadrant of the cash flow diagram in this article. When a business would bloom, needless to say you could be able to earn much in the process. However, almost all of us are hesitant to establish a business we like because of the notion that it requires a big capital.

Yes, most businesses require a huge amount for it however this should not prevent you from starting a business. You can in fact put up one even at zero capital. Yes you just read that right! There are business ventures that you can precede without the need to shell out anything. After all, a business is not at all about capital. There’s more to it like expertise, skills and a goal to succeed. As such, here are easy business ideas that you can pursue with no capital at all. I repeat NO CAPITAL at all.

Freelance Business

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Do you have a skill that you are good at? Do you want to share your talent? If that is the case, start your own freelance business. A freelancer is someone who performs tasks for multiple employers. He or she more or less is a free agent.

To get you started with this kind of business, identify the skill that you consider as your strength. Are you good with writing? Or perhaps graphic designing? Do you want to create websites? Are you eager to do picture retouching or what not? Identifying this can greatly help know your niche and also your market. From there, you can create a space in the web to showcase who you are and what your freelance business is about. You can start putting up a blog for it, a social media page in Facebook or Twitter and you can start your marketing. Finding clients would be your challenge here especially if you are starting up. However, if you already have a handful of customers, they would be always coming back. You just only need to ensure to offer a service that people would want. In the long run, you would be accumulating patrons of your freelance business and you can rake in cash.

Online Shop

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Perhaps you might wonder how to put up an online shop without the need for capital. Should you need money to buy the needed inventory or the products? I dare say not necessarily. You can in fact establish an online shop without the need for those. What you need is to provide a product from a supplier that provides drop shipping capability. Drop shipping is a retail practice of sending items directly from the manufacturer to the customer. Hence, your role would be a middleman to feature and market the products of the supplier. If there would be a sale, you can then direct the transaction to the supplier. They would be the one taking care of the item and ship it to your customer. You will then be given a specific percentage out of that sale. That percentage alone is already your business revenue! Hence no inventory in your end, no products to store and no capital at all. You only need to pour in efforts for marketing.

To get you started with this kind of business, look for suppliers that offers drop shipping capabilities. I can guarantee there a lot out there in the Internet. Then look at their drop shipping scheme and you can start posting their products to your site or social media page. You need to market items that you really like so you will be motivated to market. Make sure you will also be able to easily contact your suppliers so that you can redirect a sale transaction immediately.

Service Business

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A service business has the same mechanics as the freelance business. Identify a niche or an in-demand service that you would like to cater. From there, claim it and establish it under your name. Then slowly start marketing your service business to others most especially the ones who would need it most.

To get you started with this kind of business, again look for a service you are good at or a service that you think would be in demand in your place. From there, invest on marketing like informing other people you can provide this and that. Some service business you can start with is event planning, repairing, housekeeping, tutoring, home delivery service, day care centers, bookkeeping, personal assistant, laundry service, newsletter, consultancy and more.

To date, establishing a business is no longer impossible. Even if you have no capital, you can still be able to create a niche and build up your business from ground up. You only need to identify the kind of business you would want to pursue without capital at all and invest your efforts from there. As others would say, “laway lang ang puhunan” which is indeed true for the kind of businesses stated above.

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