Income Series: Increasing My Income as an Employee

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I know for a fact that many interested to pursue the 52 WeekMoney Challenge. However, there is no denying that as you proceed with the latter parts of the year, the amount to be deposited would grow bigger and bigger. This might prove easy for some especially those who earns more however difficult for the average Filipinos. I get the point and I understand.

That is why I presented before the cash flow diagram as painted by Robert Kiyosaki himself. He suggested four quadrants in improving your cash flow. These are Employment, Self-Employment, Business and Investment. However, pursuing other quadrants and tapping them can be hard most especially if you don’t have an idea at all as to how or what. Plus, most of us are young professionals who are currently employed working from 9 to 5. We are already part of the first quadrant which is Employment. What we need now is a way to increase our current income. And since we are an employee, might as well maximize the first quadrant right?

But first, here’s my story.

I started working right after graduation. I was given an opportunity to teach in my local university which is great. I grabbed it since I know it is a good work experience. Plus, I was not yet ready to leave university. Talk about college hangover.

Teaching is a noble job however it is not that lucrative. My relatives would often affirm that since I am employed in a university I might be earning tons of money. Well, they are wrong. But hey at least I got something to bring home every 15th and 30th which is already a good thing for me back then.

However, my income has taken its toll. I want to help with our finances such as paying our bills, giving money to my parents and more. Plus, I want to help with my little brother’s education too in the future. But with my salary, I could spend all these to such and be left with nothing. Plus, I could only give so little since I too have my personal expenses. During that time, I want to earn more so I can beef up my savings. See, I’m just like you too.

So how was I able to increase my income?

I look for more employment opportunities!

When I say looking for more employment opportunities, this does not mean teaching from one school to the next. Though that would be one however I find it unethical and also tiring. Not to mention the mountains of preparations, papers to check, students to advice and more. Instead, I moved to other easy employment avenues that are within my reach.

And exactly what is that?

I was introduced with the concept of freelancing and online jobs. Since I am a computer science teacher and computers are at my disposal, this is the perfect job for me. I quantified first the things I would like to do online. I am an avid writer and I can do a little web coding and programming. Affirming my capabilities and my strengths that is when I decided to seek out for online job opportunities via the net. Good thing my boyfriend helped me jumpstart with this.

Why online jobs?

There are many great perks of pursuing an online job. One of which is flexibility. Most of the jobs I landed have flexible schedules and are output driven. The employer will simply tell you to do these things and have it delivered by the end of the day or even the week. With that said, I can do my online job after my teaching job or I can do it in between. I can also work during the weekends if I am pack during the weekday.
True, it might be difficult juggling two or more jobs at the same time. However, when you are already part of the online job system, you will become familiar with the flow hence you can be able to manage the jobs altogether. Plus, there are part time works for you to avail that would certainly fit your schedule and capabilities.

Where do I find such jobs?

Here are a few sites that you can start as suggested by TheFreelance Pinoy:

Having a job is good, but having more jobs is better. Having an online job or online jobs can truly be lucrative most especially if you know your niche and you were able to manage your time. With this, it truly improved my cash flow hence I was able to save more in the process while still helping out my family with our finances.

Hence, if you’ve got the time and the expertise to share, why not have an online job/freelance on top of your current job? This is one good way to improve your income most especially if you are not ready to jump to the other cash flow quadrants. Otherwise, you can use your accumulated salaries to proceed with your business or beef up your investments. I did just that, and I know you are more than capable to do so too.  

P.S. To those doing the 52 Week Money Challenge and 52 Week Money Challenger Version 2, it is Week 2 already! Did you deposit the next amount yet?