The Week That Was In Post

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Another week has past by and boy that was fast. I can still remember welcoming 2014 and now we are closing an entire week. However, in spite of it, I bet your week has been fruitful and productive. Some experiences might even be one for the books. As we welcome another week, let us recap this week’s post shall we.

We coined another term for REST day and that is Reduce Expenses for Savings and Tithe Day. As much as possible, allocate a day within the week where you can be able to cut or lower your expenses. I suggested a few things that can help you with this. Planning a day to do this can significantly help in your finances. Hence, the money saved can be redirected to savings and tithe. This is a good way to control your spending and at the same time appreciating the simple and inexpensive things in life.

Little did I know that my blog will be noticed by many. As such, it has already been featured in TV5, Unang Hirit, 24 Oras and Saksi. Plus, other bloggers also linked my 52 Week Money Challenge post to their blog which I owe to them immensely. That is why I send out my thanks to my readers, commenters, TV networks and to you who have been crucial in realizing my little TV appearance. Again, let me say THANK YOU!

This post talks about shifting our ISI formula to IT IS formula.

ISI: Income – Splurge (Expenses) = Investment


IT IS: Income – Tithe – Investment = Splurge (Expenses)

This means that if we want to pursue savings this year, it would be ideal and recommended to pursue the IT IS rather than still doing the ISI. This has been my formula for years. And I highly suggest you do the same.

In here we coined another term for MUST and it is Mutual Funds, UITF, Stocks and Treasury Bills. This post is ideal for people who want to move to investment. As such, these are avenues for them to try. I explained here what each items are and who are ideal to get such.

Prosumer is being a producer and consumer. In here, we cut the cycle of buying products or services from the producer making ourselves the consumers also producers. With that said, we can be able to save tons since we provide the products or services that we need. We can also be able to gain new sets of skills in here. I suggest ways on how you could become a prosumer in the process.

For those taking up the 52 Week Money Challenge this is for you. I found an app that can be installed in any android device which will help you track your progress with the challenge. The amount can be edited also the weekly increase. It also serves as a reminder to deposit this much amount weekly. Hence, I highly suggest to download this to bug you every single week to save.