52 Week Money Challenge Android App

A good friend of mine messaged me yesterday with this great idea. She mentioned having an app for the 52 Week Money Challenge. She was asking me if I have a friend who can program an android app. And I know of one actually.

Her idea is so brilliant that during that time I am already searching for such an app. Good thing I found the one! Yup, the one. The one app that can help us track our progress and our savings and in return could help us with the 52 Week Money Challenge. Alas, no more excuse that you won’t be able to save this time.
Hence, if you have a smartphone and you are one motivated challenger. Better download the MoneyChallenge app by RTS AppDevelopment.

The MoneyChallenge app is the simplest app to help you. This basically assists you with the challenge. It keeps track of your savings and also shows your progress so that you will be motivated! Plus, it provides weekly reminders too. I guess it will bug you to deposit the needed amount every single week which is a good thing. So aside from me reminding you every single post, this app will also come in handy.

There are two methods suggested, the Classic Way and the Flexible Way. Clicking the Classic Way follows the $1 increment each week. The Flexible Way is more ideal since we don’t follow the $1 increment. 

I choose this since we can set up the start amount, in my case 50 pesos, then the weekly payment increase which is another 50 and also the challenge week is 52. If you started the second version of the 52 week money challenge or set your preferred increments, simply alter the set start amount and also the weekly payment increase.

When you have deposited the right amount for the week, simply click the check box. Then you will be able to see the progress of your savings. 

You can also share your motivation why you started this challenge for your friends and the world to see. Neat isn’t? Set also the weekly alarm to remind you with the challenge. This will definitely keep our motivation high all year round!

Hence if you are with me on this challenge, I highly suggest you get to download this app right now! This will surely be helpful in completing the challenge. Simply click this link.

P.S. To those doing the 52 Week Money Challenge and 52 Week Money Challenger Version 2, it is Week 2 already! Did you deposit the next amount yet?