Let us welcome 2019 with a goal to do and finish the 52 Weeks Money Challenge yet again. I have successfully completed our 2018 Challenge with 100 increment where we were able to save as much as 137,800. This time, my husband and I are thinking of doing the 200 increment in order to save 275,600 or the 500 increment in order to save 689,000. But one thing is for sure, we would like to be able to save 6-digit again this year and we are definitely increasing the increment this year.

The 52 week money saving challenge is certainly a great way to save this year. After all, you are compounding the money in different intervals making it simple and cost effective. To get you started with this challenge here are a few items that you need.

A goal. This will keep you motivated to save, save, save. Simply imagine getting having capital for a business or investing the money or perhaps funding your future travel or what not. Or perhaps buying gifts for your family and friends. Simply pick a goal that you normally don’t splurge. From there, break it down in terms of your weekly amount to save.

A piggy bank. I prefer a covered one so I won’t see the money stack in there and count how much I already saved. You can use a plastic container, a bottle, a jar or just about anything. This will be called a grownup piggy bank. You can even put it immediately to your bank account especially if you are considering bigger increments this time.

• Involve another one. Make this challenge more exciting by having your spouse take the challenge with you. You can also involve your kids, parents, siblings, officemates and even friends. The more, the merrier and the easier the challenge will be.

Template. The challenge has an existing template that we can print out and tape in your piggy bank. Here’s the sheet that you can follow and download. You can also do a reverse template. See 50 reverse increment for sample.

1 increment

5 increment

10 increment

20 increment

50 increment

50 reverse increment

100 increment

200 increment

500 increment

You can also view and download the template below:

Here are some more tips that can help you complete the 52 week money saving challenge.

• For professionals who are paid twice a month, instead of doing a weekly challenge, you can do it twice a month. For instance, instead of putting in amounts for Jan 1 to Jan 7 and Jan 8 to Jan 14, you can sum up the two weeks and deposit 150 instead of 50 and 100. This will prove useful especially to bigger amounts in the latter part of the year. This also holds true for individuals who are paid once a month.

• As you proceed with the saving up process, you can crash out weeks that you already fulfilled. This is like crashing out dates in your calendar. This will make you feel giddy inside.

• If there are months that you are paid more than your usual salary, say for instance getting half of your 13th month pay, tax refund or more (good for you), you could do advance savings. You can deposit more in order to cover the other weeks. 

• Do not touch this. Since you know just how much you already saved, thanks for the sheet I posted, do not be tempted to get or even borrow from here. Secure your piggybank with tapes, plastics or whatnot. You may also open up another bank account for this purpose alone. Again, do not get money from here or else lightning will strike you for real. As MC Hammer would sing, "Can't Touch This". 

I hope this would get you pump up to save for the year. This is also a better way to start 2019. So start saving! Let’s do the 52 week money saving challenge today. Good luck to us and Challenge Accepted again!

P.S To those doing the 52 Week Money Challenge, it is Week 1 already! Did you deposit the next amount yet?

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