Finishing 52 Weeks Money Challenge 2018

This year was definitely something new with regards to my own take of the 52 weeks money challenge. This time, my husband is doing the challenge with me and we decided to do it a step higher. We decided to do the 100 increment in which by the end of 52 weeks we will manage to 137,800.

The 50 increment was rather okay but I have done that increment already in the past years. This time, the 100 increment just makes sense. Furthermore, it was also our aim to save six digits this year so this challenge will be hitting two birds with one stone.

We also made some slight changes to how we save up the money. We want to save up only 1,000 but there are weeks that are not divisible by 1,000. So we group some of the weeks together so we can be able to save up in bulk plus we also get to adopt future weeks too. And we have decided to go not only for 137,800 but round it up to 140,000.

Let me be honest in saying there were challenges along the way. For one, the weeks are getting harder to save since we need to increase by 100 each week. Even more, there were hard months as well throughout the year such as prioritizing medicines first and other expenses. There were some weeks we were not able to save at all but we somehow managed to recover it in the succeeding weeks. Thank God for a lot of blessings coming in our way such as 13th month pay, 14th month pay and bonuses that we deemed important to set aside in order to finish strong our 52 weeks money challenge. And alas we did! We are proud to say that together we did it!

True enough the 52 weeks money challenge may be huge especially if you look at it further down the road. But hey let me share some tips that helped us conquer it.

Tip 1: Know your goal. We really want to save six digits this year and we would want to somehow increase our net worth together. That is a goal we both agree on and we would want to realize by 2018. So start with your goal in mind. Ask yourself questions what money goal would you want to realize next year? Write it down and share it to your loved ones.

Tip 2: Do the challenge with someone. Doing the challenge alone can be a lonely journey, so onboard another person who would want to do it with you. This can be a fun one as you will get to do it with a loved one. Furthermore, the other person can help encourage you to save up especially if you don’t feel like saving anything at all for the week.

Tip 3: Do weeks in advance. You don’t have to follow the weeks to the T. You can pay advance future weeks especially if you get some bonuses during the year. As for my case, we have our 13th month pay by May so I adopted quite a few weeks for that. There were also some unexpected money blessings too. So rather than spending it on something why not save it up first.

We still don’t know what to do with this money. Guaranteed we are not spending it this New Year for something. It is safely tucked in one of our banks for safekeeping. We might use it for future business capital as we want to establish our own businesses in the future. Plus, we are doing the 52 weeks money challenge again for 2019.

P.S To those doing the 52 Week Money Challenge, did you deposit the next amount yet?

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