UnionBank GlobalLinker presents: Singapore Trade Connect

With the theme Cross Border Trade and Learning MeetUp, UnionBank GlobalLinker is set to fly 25 delegates from the Philippines to Singapore Trade Connect in Singapore this coming November 14.

These 25 delegates come from the country’s SMEs or Small and Medium Enterprises that comprises 99.57 percent of Philippine establishments. The intent of the Singapore Trade Connect is to be able to introduce new trade routes for the local SMEs to the international network. And what better way to do this than by flying the delegates to one of the richest country in Southeast Asia. This is a great networking opportunity for these SMEs set in an international platform. Not only will they be able to know better international trade but this also coincides with the Fintech Festival that boasts of in-depth learning sessions on digitization and also cross-border trade. Apart from meeting fellow Filipino SMEs, they will also get to meet entrepreneurs from India and Singapore.

UnionBank is setting the Philippine stage in supporting and helping SME expansion in the country. To date, it has partnered with financial technology firms, logistics, and telecommunications to facilitate growth of SME while reducing the cost of doing business.

Furthermore, according to UnionBank Vice President and UnionBank GlobalLinker lead proponent Dino Velasco, the bank is now redefining its role more than as a financial institution. It is their aim to help SME succeed by incorporating digital tools and knowledge-building activities.

“As one of the important drivers of innovation, growth, and development of the country, MSMEs need tools and expertise that will help them succeed amidst constant shifts in the digital landscape. At Singapore Trade Connect, entrepreneurs can have a unique opportunity to learn from business leaders who leveraged digital for business growth.” Velasco said. “Aside from understanding digital technology, going to Singapore Trade Connect helps entrepreneurs establish strategic relations to make their businesses globally competitive,” he added.

If you are an SME and would want to collaborate and engage with fellow entrepreneurs or learn something new, head to UnionBank GlobalLinker platform.

"Through this shared learning and networking experience, we hope that they can further create new milestones with the use of the platform," Velasco added.

Logging in to the TradeConnect website is easy. You can also download the UnionBank GlobalLinker app on the App Store and PlayStore.

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