How You Can Be Able to Travel for Less: 5 Guaranteed Tips That Count

There is no denying that traveling entails a lot of money. There are many things to consider such as plane fare, accommodation, food expenses and so much more. Not to mention the hefty travel tax you need to spend before you fly out of the country.

Yet, traveling is surely an enriching experience. You get to know other people’s culture, how they do things, experience the country and get to do new things. If you are traveling with your partner or your family members, this can help you grow closer to each other.
Some might be taken aback by the idea of traveling because of the cost. However, if planned right and ahead of time, you can be able to travel for less. If you are kuripot like me, here are tips on how you can slash a lot of pesos.

Tip 1: Sign up for miles. If you can’t wait for the next seat sale, the best thing to do to slash a few hundred pesos from airplane fare would be to use miles. There are already a lot of credit card companies that let you convert your purchases to miles. I have changed my credit card to resort to one that does just that. Instead of having credit card rebates or exchange it with items, I would rather have miles accumulated in my account and I will just be a few clicks away for a trip I would really love to take. A good example is my Unionbank GetGo Card. As a prime example, my husband and I were able to go to Singapore and spend only 3,500 for two round trip tickets with GetGo.

Tip 2:  Stay with friends. I am most certain you have hospitable family members, relatives and friends who would be more than willing to share their house with you whenever you travel to their place or country. Use this as an opportunity to lessen your accommodation expenses. Rather than renting out a hotel, you can opt to stay with your generous friends instead.

Tip 3: Search for cheap accommodations. You don’t always have to book a five-star hotel whenever you are on vacation. It is advisable to look for cheap yet safe ones via trusted websites like Agoda or You can even compare prices of the room rates and even filter places in accordance with their ratings, locations and other prime factors. You can also resort to searching via AirBnB. There’s also couchsurfing provided by locals and you get to be with other tourists too. After all, when you travel you tend to use your place of stay for sleeping so you don’t need a fancy place to sleep.

Tip 4: Palibre with friends. In case your friends can’t allow you to sleep in their houses, you can always ask them to tour you around and feed you local cuisines for free. I am most certain they would be more than happy to show you their place or their country and let you try unique dishes for free. This will also help rekindle your friendship and catch up with them.

Tip 5: Live like the locals. Experience the culture of a new town or a new country by acting like locals. You can also save big bucks in the process. Instead of getting a taxi from one point to the next, make use of their local transportation. Do not dine in expensive restaurants instead resort to street food and other local delicacies you can see lying around. Discover their local market where you can source great food and cheap finds. For your experiences need like amusement parks or top attractions, you can always source cheap and discounted ones too via Klook for example.

Traveling doesn’t have to be that expensive. You just have to research thoroughly and check off items that you can possibly lower the costs like accommodation, fare and food. Anyone can definitely travel. Just be resourceful and save up.

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