10 Easy Rakets You Can Do At Home

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Having that extra income arm is always a YES in my book. Simply imagine the bills it could pay and how much money it can add to your monthly cash inflow. However, having that so called “raket” did not mean getting out of the house in order to earn. There are still sidelines you can effectively do even if you are staying at home. Below are inspirations to get you started.

Raket 1: Online Jobs

If you have extra hours every day and a computer with decent Internet connection, you can always sign up for online jobs today. There are a lot of freelance and part time works that you can easily do even without much online job experience. The simplest would have to be data encoding, researching, and writing. If you have other superior skillsets like programming, graphic design and search engine optimization, you can rack in more hundred dollars with just a job or two.

Raket 2: Tutoring

There surely is a subject that you are very familiar with. Why not have a few students to come to your house every after shift or during the weekend. Not only will you be acquainted again with the lessons from your primary or secondary but you will also get to refresh again on these fundamentals. Tutoring is already a hundred pesos per hour industry.

Raket 3: Sell Old Items

Selling is always the easiest sideline you can do at home. Sift through your closet or your bodega for that matter and find items that you think you can still be able to sell. There are already a lot of selling modes you can resort to like an online shop on EBay or just by putting a garage sale outside.

Raket 4: Sari-sari Store

The oldest way to earn money while at home is to setup a sari-sari store. I can still remember how happy I am every time I got home from school when I was little because my mother used to have a sari-sari store in the house. This is a good immersion program for your kids but you can also be able to earn at the same time. You can always include our all time favorite buys from sari-sari store such as ice, ice waer and ice candy.

Raket 5: Carenderia 

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If sari-sari store is not your cup of tea and you are into cooking, selling extra food can surely go a long way. You can opt to cook a lot of ulam early in the morning and put it in cellophanes for repacking. You can easily sell a few of your ulams to your officemates and leave some for your neighbours to buy.

Raket 6: Catering

In case your carenderia blooms, you can opt to get bulk orders via catering. You can cook for birthdays and celebrations in your subdivision or your neighbours. You can even get the word out using your social media account.

Raket 7: Desserts and Treats

For the sweet tooth and dessert lovers, this can be a viable and lucrative business to do at home. You can get orders for cakes, cupcakes, cheesecakes and more. If you have a decent oven and even a refrigerator, you can easily make even no-bake desserts. The Internet would be your best resource for this one or if you want to take it a notch higher, you can enrol in some baking lessons in your area.

Raket 7: Blogging and Vlogging

If you have contents that you would like to share be it in written form or video format, the Internet is a big space to welcome you. You can use these modes to get a decent passive income especially if you have a lot of blog or video subscribers in your account. I have read bloggers and vloggers earning six to seven digits a month because of their impressive and unique content.

Raket 8: Pisonet or Cafe

Pisonet is already the rave today as one can have easy access to faster Internet. You can easily place a pisonet and even a cafe inside your house, your balcony or garage. You can even put another extra service that you can earn more such as printing, photocopying and scanning.

Raket 9: Buy and Sell

If you have no old items to sell, you can always buy a few items from your local source and sell it online or to your neighbours. You can even do dealership for popular makeup brands, plastic brands, bags and shoes and so much more.

Raket 10: Vending Machines

You don’t need to spend a lot just to have a vending machine at home. There are already inexpensive machines for water and coffee. If your house has good foot traffic you can certainly install a machine or two for by passers who would need a drink or two.

There are still many rakets you can be able to do at home. You just have to be creative and know which ones you can dip your foot into. Plus, these sidelines don’t need a lot of capital to get the ball rolling.

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