5 Easy Small Businesses You Can Do At Home

I can still remember a reader of mine who asked me what business would be suitable to do today. She currently has a full time job and a sideline as well. She would want to expand her means in order to hastily pay her credit card debts and other obligations.

I must say, I totally admire her dedication and perseverance. She is truly one hardworking woman and I bet she is already on her way to clear her debts and more so become financially free.

Putting up a business is never an easy task. Successful entrepreneurs would say it is not a walk in the park. The process of generating a business idea alone can be tedious. After all, there are many things to consider. If we look at this in the management perspective, you would still go thorough market research. You would be required to generate financial plans and do surveys to check if your business would click or not. Yet the bottom line is, there are still businesses that are very easy and simple to begin with. You would not even need millions in terms of capital. Most of the time, you can even do this at the comfort of your very own home at your own time.

Hence, here are ideas that might click to your taste and your interest. Who knows, this be your next big thing.

Buy and Sell

Facebook and other social media sites are filled with personal pages that sell just about anything. Some sell clothes, US products, food, crafts, accessories and more. Thanks to technology, there are already a lot of opportunities for you to buy and resell products. You can even order items outside the country and sell it here. If you have a relative in the US, they might be able to ship out lotions, colognes and other in-demand products. You can then set up your Facebook page. If you would want other avenues, we have eBay and OLX.


If you enjoy writing like I do, this can be a good way to generate some cash on the side. You can start a website that covers topics that might interest you. The domain is very cheap and you get to pay it for an entire year. Just make sure the blog contains the things you would want to share. You can be able to earn via advertising, affiliate links and ads.


I can still remember the time where I made some simple desserts and sell it to others. I personally love making truffles because it is very simple yet delicious. If you love desserts like I do, making them would surely be a breeze. If you don’t have an oven, there are also desserts that you can do even without it. I was able to make cheesecakes without baking it. You can create cupcakes and more. Do it on an order basis so that it is guaranteed new and fresh.

Sharing Expertise

I bet you have some skills that are worthy of sharing and well getting paid. Perhaps you majored something while in college. Considering that we are about to welcome a new school year, you might want to share that expertise to others. You might want to tutor students during your free time. You can also do consultancy to businesses and other fields like human resource and finance.

Online Opportunities

The Internet holds a wide array of online opportunities that you can turn into a business. You might want to setup your online job profile so you can be able to land projects and even part time jobs. You can be a virtual assistant to busy professionals abroad. You might even do some website designing, writing, researching, social media management, graphic design and more.

These are just some of the many side business opportunities you might want to consider embarking. These are pretty simple and easy to start. Even more, such would not cost you an arm and a leg.

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