Top 5 Shopping Hacks

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Now that everything is a click away, shopping online has really overtaken the way we hunt for the best clothes, makeup products and accessories. But because online shopping doesn’t demand our physical presence in a store, so many things could go wrong for the same reasons it could go right.
And so, here are our top 5 hacks for making sure online shopping is a breeze!

1. Save on shipping costs by combining purchases

More often than not, some of the biggest retailers online such as Sephora, Topshop and Urban Outfitters all exist either in the US or in the UK, which means that shipping to the Philippines will take not just time, but all sorts of extra costs that can outweigh the actual price of the product. But shopping can be a total party if you got your friends to pool in all of their purchases and check out in a single cart, ensuring that the burden of the shipping cost gets split between more hands.

2. Check the size of the product that’s worn on the model

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One of the things we don’t realise is that the models on some websites such as ASOS are all gods and goddesses that tower us all by sheer height and muscle mass. What that means is that more often than not, the size of the items they’re wearing would be chosen to fit their frame, and not ours. So what are we underlings to do? Thankfully, sites such as the ones I’ve mentioned above have lines in the description box that specify the sizes of the clothes they’re wearing.

3. Check the size of the product on their size charts - each website is different!

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In addition to that, each website has different ways of measuring what an M or an L is, especially if the online retailer has originated from different countries, where bodies and body types are measured differently. This is especially important when it comes to footwear - we all know US and UK sizes are different, after all, and so it’s always a good practice to check and confirm before finalising the purchase. Places like TOMS also recommend that you buy a size smaller, as their footwear is designed to be a perfect fit that stretches in size over time.
It’s also probably handy to have a tape measure or ruler at hand.

4. Go on social media and sign up for newsletters

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Does it make you sound like a stalker if you follow your favourite shops across all their social media platforms? I really don’t think so. Gaining access to their latest updates means you’ll always be in the know about the latest products (which means you can get them before they sell out) and latest deals (which means you get to know which discount and voucher codes to apply to get the most out of your buck!). Most popular online retailers allow you to sign up for newsletters as well, which grants you to access to the latest news and deals as well.

5. Gets discounts via cashback websites

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An alternative way of saving money via deals, discount coupons and voucher coupons is by signing up with cashback websites. Never heard of them? What cashback websites do is that they act as the middleman between the customer and the merchant: when you purchase a product on an online retailer via a cashback website, what you get in return is cash rebates redirected to your account after you’ve made your purchase.

It’s really that easy! ShopBack, for instance, is a website that aims to change the way you shop online and accumulate savings, granting access to a wide number of online retailers across the globe. So what are you waiting for? Start shopping today, with our top 5 shopping hacks!

Daryl is a self-professed shopaholic who wants to buy as many things as possible with as little money as he can. He writes for ShopBack Philippines which helps him to do that.

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