Becoming the Rich Employee Series (Part 2)

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“Walay empleyado na nadato” (No employee ever became rich).

This was technically my father’s mantra since I was little. No wonder he stretches whatever he could in order to no longer be an employee and start his very own business. But establishing one was not a walk in the park. It challenged him so hard that he failed. In the end, he still became an employee. And with that his hopes of becoming rich vanishes.

But perhaps we need to dissect first this very simple line. This is so in order to really know and understand what these words mean. “Walay empleyado na nadato” (No employee ever became rich).  We can draw two words from it namely empleyado (employee) and dato (rich).

Empleyado (Employee) Defined

According to Merriam Webster, an employee is a person who works for another person or for a company for wages or a salary.

The site About Money also provided a good definition of an employee. They say, “An employee is an individual who was hired by an employer to do a specific job. The employee is hired by the employer after an application and interview process results in his or her selection as an employee.”
An employee can work part time, full time or also temporary. They also have skills, knowledge, experience that they barter in exchange for compensation from an employer. There are rules and more so laws with regards to paying an employee and protecting them.

Even more, there are three factors that designate someone as an employee. These are salary, contract and control by the employer.

When you are an employee, you have a specific salary. Your salary can increase depending on performance and promotion. But this would depend on the kind of company that you are in. But the main point is, you have a fix salary that you get every month. Plus, your time is tied up on the kind of employee that you are. Oftentimes in the Philippine setting most employees work full time. That is equivalent to eight hours per day or nine with duties from Monday to Friday. There are even companies who let their employees work even on a Saturday.

The last factor that glues someone as an employee is the control by the employer. Though the employees are hired based on competencies and skills but they are sharing such gifts to the company and to their employers. True he or she has something to offer in a specific company but that value is the one looking by the employer. Everything else is controlled by the employer.  Most often than not, they tend to shove off their talents and their dreams in order to realize the vision of the company and their employers. Every little things they do is in a way or another contributing and controlled by the employer. There are rules and policies in the company or in the workplace that is tuned up by the employer. The employee then is obligated to abide by these rules set.

Dato (Rich) Defined

Merriam-Webster Dictionary states that rich is defined as having abundant possessions and especially material wealth. Known synonyms of rich are wealthy, loaded, moneyed, opulent and deep-pocketed.
Many would associate the word rich with money. As such this signifies rich is having an abundance of money. Thus, should you have five million in your bank account, you can be called rich. states that rich is a current state of being that can happen overnight. For example: lottery winners, new found celebrities and even high payed professions such as doctors or lawyers belong in the category of rich. They have quite a bit of money, but only have that money because of one source. Becoming rich can happen in an instant, but at the same time it can disappear in an instant.

Whizkidtech also presents another definition of rich. This cemented what states that it is a state of mind. Furthermore, riches are an attitude. You either are rich or you are not rich.
However in the Philippine setting, we always equate rich with money and properties. We often associate it houses, cars, a hefty bank account, being able to buy anything you want, eat at expensive restaurants yet with money in the end. It is like having an unlimited supply of money. And we cannot deny that we all dream of being rich.

And this was my father’s dream. And he knows that being an employee with all its limitations and control won’t take him there.

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