How To Prepare Financially For The New Year: Tip 3

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Wow a few days left and we are set to welcome 2015. Are you excited? How about your finances? Are you also getting excited with it?

The past posts catered around how to prepare financially for the New Year. So far, we have already established two tips. The first tip being able to review your finances and the second tip establishing financial goals for 2015. Now, we shall be jumping to the third tip. And the next tip would be to learn from our financial mistakes.

Learn From Our Financial Mistakes

Since 2014 is about to close, might as well look back at the year that was especially with regards to your money and finances. To get you started with this one, here are the two R’s to help you.


The first thing to get you started with this tip is to remember. Remember your financial mistakes in 2014. What financial opportunities did you miss? Were you not able to invest? Where did you put your money? How’s your savings habit? Did you buy something expensive and regret it later? Did you rather use your money to buy a new gadget instead of investing it? Did you collect credit cards? Is your debt piling up? Remembering those mistakes can greatly aid you to become financially wiser come 2015. As the old adage says learn from your mistakes. It would be wise to list down the financial mistakes that you remember. Look back on the days that you were not thinking at all with regards to your money. Write down your financial regrets and never be ashamed to admit it. We all have those mistakes. But the important thing is we acknowledge those mistakes and we vow never to commit it again.


After remembering those financial mistakes it is time to rebuild ourselves. Hopefully by remembering these, we would be able to reconstruct ourselves in order not to do those mistakes by 2015. Remember, every acknowledged mistake is a chance to come out victorious. And that is the objective of rebuilding yourself by next year. Hence, if you were able to pile debt this year, might as well slowly eliminate it by 2015. If ever you missed a financial opportunity such as investing, do it next year. If you did buy something expensive and you regret it after purchase, don’t do it next year.

Learning from our mistakes would be a good way to welcome 2015. This could guarantee that we would become wiser and more intelligent with regards to our financial choices. Even more, this could affirm that we won’t be committing the same financial mistakes. With those faults, we stand up again and rise and are ready head on with whatever 2015 has to bring. But this time, we would be more than prepared. Let us make 2015 count! 

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