Frugal Gift Giving: Idea 2

Image from gameloft

Since Christmas is getting near, the need for gift giving is imperative. However, when we say gifts, we often equate this with expensive ones. That should not be the case. As a matter of fact, there are frugal tips you can be able to induce in order to still give gifts without compromising your wallet and bank account.

Last week I suggested regifting. This time, in order to still provide gifts in your own frugal ways, I highly suggest doing some do-it-yourself or DIY.

To date, there are many DIY inspirations that you can find online. A good site that you can visit would be Pinterest. They have great pictures of arts and crafts that you can easily begin. Even more, with DIY, you can be able to make a lot hence you can give more in the process.

If you have no idea how to go about with DIY presents, here are great items to get you started.

Know your skills or learn a skill

DIY presents require a lot of creativity and hard work. But mind you, these presents are well appreciated compared to those items that you can buy off the shelf. Find first your core skills or your strengths. Are you good in baking? Are you better in terms of art and drawing? Then perhaps you can channel these skills in order to make gifts. For instance, if you are one good baker, you can give cookies and cakes as presents. If you are into art and drawing, you can print your drawings and create Christmas cards. If you think you don’t have a skill in mind, it is not too late for you to train on one. You can even use this skill in the future to generate your own business venture.

Jump in Simple DIY Projects

If you think honing a skill for your DIY presents are pretty hard, there are easy crafts online that you can do. The Internet can be your friend in this case since it can provide all of the possible details. For instance, if you are not keen with regards to learning a new skill at this time of the month, there are easy to do DIY projects. For instance, if you want to give desserts, there are no-bake desserts that you can begin. There are even desserts that only involve two ingredients without the need to bake it.

There are still many DIY projects that you can do that are perfect as presents this Christmas. Even more, you will simply need to buy the materials that are fairly inexpensive to begin with. Even more, you can be able to generate a lot in the process hence you can indeed be able to cut cost. You will only invest more on your creativity. 

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