Passive Income: eBook Making and Earning

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Since we are talking about passive income, allow me to share another passive income avenue of mine and that is my eBook. A few months ago, I released the eBook on the 52 Weeks Money Challenge. In case you don’t have a copy yet, feel free to click on the link at the right part of the page where you can pay via Paypal or Bank Deposit.

This post will be dissected into two namely eBook making and earning. So let’s tackle first on how to make one. I am not an experienced author or a best-seller however I will share my personal journey and tips as to how I created mine.

Making an eBook involves a lot of time and work. As a matter of fact, I was not able to create this one overnight. More so, it requires a lot of deliberation whether to release an eBook or not. But here’s how I get started with mine.

Start with an Idea

The very first thing to do of would be authors would be to start with an idea or a topic. Identifying this one was relatively a no-brainer on my end since I simply identify the post that was received by many. And it was the 52 Weeks Money Challenge. With that I know that I have to make an ebook out of it considering the great reception that post has. If you happen not to know a topic for your future ebook, find something that belongs to these two parameters. One, it is something you are interested to write about and second, something that can help other people. It would be hard on your end to write an ebook of a topic you know you are not interested. More so, you will have little reception of your ebook if it won’t help other people. An ebook after all, must deliver information.

Make an outline

If you can still remember your elementary days or high school days where you were required to write an outline prior to writing your formal themes, this holds true in my case. I started outlining the topics I would want to include so it will give me an overview of the soon to be content of my ebook. Even more, this outline also serves as my table of contents. See, I was able to hit two birds with one stone.

Start writing

Writers can’t seem to finish something because in the first place, they haven’t started anything. Same goes with writing an ebook. The very crucial step is when to write. Seeing that blank space of paper or a clean document in your computer literally erases any ideas that you have in mind. Hence, make sure that you get to start writing even a single sentence or paragraph. From there, ideas would just flow literally. Don’t mind about the grammar. Let it flow and just write.

Set a time

Writing takes a lot of time and dedication. Therefore, in order to finish an ebook and more so realize it, dedicate a portion of your day when to write. I tend to write a lot in the morning hence I set my ebook writing time in the morning around 7AM. Good thing I got previous posts that relate to my ebook topic hence, adding certain data or information is relatively easy.

Involve others

I don’t know how to design hence I asked someone to design the cover page for me. And I also got someone to edit my ebook. Though I shelled out some cash in the process, I know it was one good investment. Of course, you would want to give the best to your future readers right? Hence, hire only the best people you can think of who will do the job flawlessly.

The next part would be earning from it. This can be considered your passive income since anyone can just buy your ebook and it will be emailed to them. The hardest part would just be the marketing. However, you can never tell when the next buyer would be. It would just surprise your inbox that someone is interested to purchase your ebook. And that is perhaps one of the perks of having one.

I know I am still a neophyte in the ebook industry but I can most definitely say, this will not be my last. I have set plans to produce more in the near future. I fervently hope that you too would embrace the idea of having a passive income avenue by your side like writing your very own ebook.

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