Passive Income: Earning Through Blogging

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I am certain that we are all looking for a day where we won’t lift a finger yet we would still be earning. Simply imagine just sitting down in your house doing almost nothing yet you will still have something to get by the end of the day. And this, my friend is passive income.

So what exactly is passive income?

From, passive income is an income that does not require your direct involvement. This means that you don’t need to actively do something in order to earn. Some kinds of passive income you may be familiar with include owning rental property, royalties on an invention or creative work, and network marketing. If you want to earn more, work less, and have a decent retirement, you're going to have to start creating income streams that do not require your direct involvement.

And today, I would like to share my own passive income method and that is my blog.

I started this blog way back in December 2013 however I am no stranger to the world of blogging. As early as 2007, I have been doing this left and right for myself and for my clients. However, I never really thought of monetizing my blog as this is simply an avenue for me to share things and posts such as my poems, my little adventures and my life. However this blog of mine truly changed how I do blogging. And technically it generated me some passive income. It might not be regular and consistent yet I already reaped and realized some money. And I only dedicate one hour at most with my blog every day in order to write a new content and post it.

Perhaps you might be wondering, how I can generate money with this space in the cyberspace.
Here are my income streams.


I installed Google adsense at the side and in between posts. These are Google’s ad that you can easily add in your blog provided that you sign up for Google Adsense. While it might not be much since you are earning cents in accordance to the number of clicks to those ads and blog visits, when accumulated it can generate money. I can still remember how I was given $162.00 before by Google because of it. They sent it via Western Union and I was able to get the money the next day. That value didn’t happen overnight though. It took months before I was awarded that amount.


See those red double underlined words in my posts? Those are infolinks. This holds the same mechanics as Google Adsense in which for every click and visit, a certain value will be credited to your account. Again, though the income per click is in cents, when accumulated it can be able to generate much.


These are the small boxes you see at the right side of the blog where it says, “Your Ad Here”. I can earn if an interested company would like to put their icon in there.


These are programs that I support and would like to share to my readers. So far, I am connected with two companies I am proud to be a part of such as Truly Rich Club and Pinoy Investor. Their icons are found also at the right side of the blog. I can earn if a new member would sign up with their products and services. And these are products and companies I believe in so might as well share them.

So just how can you start blogging?

Here’s how I go about it.

Pick a blog niche

It is best to define first what your blog is all about. As much as possible, find an area that you are interested in so updating its content won’t be a chore on your end. This must be interesting to your soon to be readers. Engage in niches where you can help other people. Having a blog is like being an authority on an area. When you are interested with your blog topic, you would see to it to gain more knowledge and information in the process so you will have a lot to share.

Pick a medium and domain

After identifying your blog area, decide on the medium and the domain. Where will you host your blog? What would be your domain name? Since I want a free medium, I opted for Google’s Blogspot. You can also create a blog via Wordpress or Tumblr. As for the domain, since I want to have one, I signed up for GoDaddy and pick a name that can easily be read and memorized. Hence the name Kuripot Pinay. Good thing it was available back then and more so it fits the bill of what my blog is all about.

Sign up for Adsense and Affiliates

Another reason why I opted for Blogspot is because I can easily sign up for its Adsense. I can just easily add it there without any hassle. Then from there, I signed up with other affiliates and also with infolinks then I just integrated it with my layout. As for the blog’s layout, there are many free layouts that you can find online that is compatible with your chosen medium be it Blogspot, Wordpress or Tumblr.

Write away

Once you lay out the groundwork, it is time to write contents in there. Dedicate a portion of your day and commit to posts. Make sure you update your blog regularly and post your content not only to your blog but also your social media sites. To get some steam with your blog, post it in groups that have the same topic with your posts. And don’t forget to share.

Generating a blog might be a lot of work however that only holds true at the start. When you have established your space, everything will just be a walk in the part. More than monetizing your blog, it is best that your blog is something that can help other people and educate them. The passive income would eventually come after.

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