Credit Card: How Did I Get Rid Of My Debt

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It might be surprising to know that years ago I have five credit cards. Yes, got myself five credit cards from 3 different banks. More so, it is much diversified. I got a card for travelling, a cash back credit card, a low annual interest card and more. While many would claim that I am living the dream since I can just swipe away anything I want, it was more of a nightmare for me. In spite of having five, I struggled paying all of them. I dreaded the day that I will get all those bills. It even came to a point that opening their mail is a pain since I know it would be hard to swallow the total amount I owed.

When reality strikes, that is when I realize that more than being useful, I misuse and abuse the power of those credit cards. That is when I realize, that I would want to clear my debts once and for all. More so, I won’t be using a card ever again. I managed to close my credit card accounts and eventually hid my cards. I have been credit card free for the longest time now and it has been the best decision ever in my financial life.

A few months ago, someone emailed me how I was able to pay my credit card debts. Shout out to you for asking me that on my email. As such, I want to share how I was able to pay and ditch those cards one by one. It was like picking one apple at a time. But it was never a walk in the park. The premise with regards to my credit card concern amounts to over 100,000+ and having five credit cards.

How I was able to pay my credit cards?

Reduce expenses in order to pay up and save

I really allocated months to save up on my income in order to pay my credit card bills. I started paying up bills that were not hard on my pockets. Before, I maintained five credit cards and each of which have pending amounts. I started paying up the credit card with the least amount of loan. Literally I was not able to save during these months because all of my money is funnelled towards my debt.

Cancel cards

After completing the payment of a particular card, called their hotline and cancelled my card. Regardless of their persuasion in order to retain me, I stood my ground and told them to cancel my card. It was one tough battle. Not to mention the needed prepaid amount on my cellphone just to have those calls.

Store your cards away

In order to prevent future purchases that could occur and repeating the cycle, I hid all my cards in my room and didn't carry even a single one. So I am always left with my cash when I go out.

The first few months would really be hard. However, if you have that earnest desire to really pay your debts, with a little dedication and focus you can be able to do it. Just start paying the simple purchases and don't incur any more debts in the process. It would be hard if you did pay your debt but the following day you would swipe your card again. It would be a never ending cycle of debt.

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