Date and Marry Someone Who Invests In The Stock Market

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When we talk about stock market and dating someone who is into it, I am pretty certain you are already picturing Leonardo DiCaprio because of his movie The Wolf of Wall Street. Well, I cannot deny that since I too affirm he is pretty hot in that movie. Now ladies, ladies let me burst that bubble since I am certain we can’t have him but trust me you can have someone like him. And I am hinting and suggesting dating and marrying someone who invests in the stock market.

If you know someone who is into stock market, I suggest you jump from being in the friend zone to in a relationship zone. Here are the reasons why they are indeed for keeps.

They Remember Numbers

Ever heard of someone who can’t even remember anniversaries, monthsaries and more-saries? Then you got angry because they can’t! Now fret no more, as someone who invests in stock markets surely know their numbers. You might ask what’s the target price of TEL, they know. Or how much JFC is before? They know. How about your anniversaries? They know. Numbers are considered the bread and butter of stock market hence individuals who are into it would surely remember even the little centavos. Hence, significant numbers in your relationships would surely be remembered.

They Have Goals

Before entering into stock market, these individuals have very clear goals as to why they do it in the first place. Perhaps it would be for long term investment for their retirement or they would want to buy a very important asset like a house or a car. Bottom line is they have clear and specific goals. Hence, if you are into a relationship with someone who invests in the stock market, they sure have goals in the relationship. They are looking for something fruitful in the long run and they are not just playing with your heart.

They Value Money

Anyone who invests in the stock market surely knows how to control their money and their spending. Instead of allocating their salary to buy the latest gadget in the market, they are geared towards spending a few shares of a company and make it grow in the long run. Trust me they are already in the road of becoming wealthy and staying wealthy. If you buy gifts for him or her, I am sure he or she would appreciate company shares rather than the latest fashion trends.

They Understand The Essence of Time

Timing is everything in the stock market. And an individual who invests in it surely knows and understands the essence of time. Sure they might be occupied during trading hours but just let them be during that time. However after that, they would surely know how to create quality time with you. They would surely value every second that you would be together.

They Are Smart

Ever had a boring relationship? Is your current conversation topic about how much you love each other? That’s pretty nice if you are in your first few months however soon thereafter, it can be boring. However, if you are dating or marrying someone who invests in the stock market, you will have an endless pool of conversation. You can discuss about the Philippine economy, economics be it micro or macro scale, of a certain company in the market and more. If you are keen to opening a business, you can ask for their smart opinion on the matter too.

Individuals who invest in the stock market today are so rare. They are actually just a few percentage of the total population in the country. Hence, if ever you met someone who are into it, capture their heart and invest in your feeling with them. For sure, it will grow exponentially through the years and the relationship won’t be a waste.

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