How MOBA Can Teach Finance

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Let me tell you a little secret. Aside from being financially thrifty, I am also an avid MOBA player. Well after that announcement, it sure won’t be a secret any longer. I hope you would just keep it as a secret still. For me, please. To the kids reading this, make sure you finish school first and your chores at home before playing. And don’t get addicted. Remember there are still many important things to do than play, unless you are a professional gamer.

Now back on track.

I’m an avid MOBA player. MOBA stands for Multiplayer Online Battle Arena. The popular MOBA games out there are DOTA, League of Legends, Heroes of Newearth, Strife and more. These are also the games that most teenagers got hook. They spend countless hours in the cafe levelling up and well destroying the enemies’ base. Now if you are one of those kids, read the first paragraph again.

I started playing MOBA games when I was in college. Yet, it was not an addiction. I tend to play it with friends because we bond with it and also to expand my network. And I only get to play after class and during the weekends. Today, I am into DOTA and League of Legends. But then again, I only play it if I have time. Again, if I have time. It is a stress reliever for me after work. It is also my form of reward. Plus, my friends are also playing it hence we bond over missed skills, wrong clashes, noob enemies or allies and more. It really is fun. Yet I am not suggesting you play such unless you have the time, the machine and you are done with your tasks. Read the first paragraph again.

With regards to MOBA games, there is always that connotation that it is bad. It won’t do you any good. It is just a waste of time. You have more important tasks to do now than destroy your enemies’ turrets and ancient. In a way I concur and in another way I beg to differ. Well this is not because I am a MOBA player but because there are still things that such games could teach you. One aspect is with regards to finance.

You see, MOBA games have its own monetary system. In here, you can be able to earn gold or money in accordance to the creeps killed, heroes killed, towers destroyed and whatever objectives you have accomplished. You can then use the money that you have acquired to purchase items that will help you in the game. These items can be used in order to improve your statistics to reach your goal and win. Even more, you also need to consider your allies and your role in the team. Each item costs in game currency.

Hence, here are the things that MOBA games can teach you with regards to finance.

Funds prioritization

As previously stated, MOBA has its monetary system that allows the players to earn money and use that money for items that they deemed are useful for them. There are many in-game items that they can purchase. However, the money involved is limited. Hence, it is a must for the player to know how to prioritize that money in order to define what items would work best for them depending on the current situation. We can also relate this in the real world setting. Our funds are also limited. Hence, it is best that we also need to prioritize the items to buy, know our needs from our wants so that we won’t end up buying an item that is of no use and draining our money in the process. The concept of prioritization takes place.

Utility maximization

There are MOBA items that can be combined with other items in order to increase their effectiveness. One can also upgrade other items in order to come up with a much better output. A player needs to think four or five steps ahead so they know what they would want to build later. Hence, they would be channelling their money and resources in order to be able to achieve it. In the real world environment, this marks financial dedication and maximization. An item that is bought will be used intelligently without putting it to waste.

Strategy and coordination

Winning a game in MOBA means proper coordination between the five players and also proper strategy from the beginning until the end. They must be coordinated in order to solve situations immediately and always be vigilant on the enemies’ move and the map in general. Various concerns must be address and hit when the opportunity comes. This is something we must also incorporate especially with regards to our money and finances. We must not be alone in this endeavour. We need the help of others to keep us afloat. Hence, we have bankers, financial mentors, our family and also others. For instance, if the family would want to clear a debt, everyone must coordinate to reach this goal. If one family member would squander money, such goal will not be achieved. When an opportunity to earn presents itself, take it. Good examples of such would be mutual funds, stock market, forex trading and more. However, always take the time to study about it, or it would be an opportunity lost on your end.

MOBA games are really not bad after all. However many would construe this as without meaning or value.  Yet, we can always look at it in another perspective. Little did we know, there might be financial lesson breadcrumbs that we can learn while playing it that in turn we can apply in the real world setting. But as constantly stated, keep your gaming activities to a minimum. Make sure, it will not hinder your real world tasks and responsibilities. With that, you can be able to enjoy and maximize whatever games you are currently in without compromising anything. You will also be financially smart too.

GLHF, Good luck and have fun!

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