A Kuripot’s Guide To Giving Tips

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Tipping is one good way to show our appreciation for a service. This spans getting our hair and makeup done, eating at restaurants and what not. However, the question remains if a tip would be suggested or not. This holds true for kuripots like me and for others. To give or not to give? To tip or not to tip? If to give and to top, just how much is enough.

If you search around the net to look for a good value to tip, they would often recommend 10% of the total amount. For instance, if you dine in a restaurant and your total bill is at 500.00, you can tip them 50.00 Do take note that this is very different from the service charge. A service charge is a mandatory fee and is bounded with a calculated value. A tip on the other hand acts like a reward that is not restricted with any amount. The service charge is distributed amongst the employees of that establishment. A tip is pocketed by a specific person not unless they tend to share the tips among the others. This holds true for establishments with pooled tip containers.

I let you in a little secret. I for one am a lousy tipper. Considering how kuripot I can be, I always associate the service charge with the tip. Oftentimes, I don’t give a tip at all. Well now I’ve learned. Even if you are kuripot, you can still do what we refer to as thrifty tipping.

To begin with, it is important to realize the important services and individuals who carried these to you. As a question, if you lost that person will this affect your life? For example, if your usual waiter was substituted with someone else, there is no chance that your food won’t be delivered to your table right? Someone will replace the waiter to get the job done. However, on the other end, there is what we call as indispensable workers. For example your babysitter, your personal hair stylist, your masseur or masseuse and more. It can truly be bothersome to lose them for they are the ones who can carry out the services better. They know you better, your needs and your wants, your requirements and what not. As a form of example, I only get my hair cut with the trusted hair stylist of mine. I tend not to continue the service if she is not around since she literally knows my hair and the cut that I’m good at. I never found this kind of service with the other stylists. They can’t seem to get what I want. Hence, when I get my hair done with her, I make sure to give her quite a reasonable amount for her tip.

Now how much is that reasonable amount for tipping? I often give as high as 10% of the total bill. When a service charge would be credited to the receipt, I often give 5% of the total bill. However, this is still dependent on my priorities and the second one which would be the need and the third thing to consider which would have to be how satisfied I was with the service and.

Allow me to break it down for you.

For example if it is already night and raining and I need to head home immediately, chances are I would be getting a taxi. Hence, when a driver would be kind enough to take me home, I would normally round off the total bill or add 50.00. That driver helped me with the need. Hence, it would be kind enough to add in that extra.

Then the last would be the value of satisfaction. If I am satisfied with the ambiance, the service and the food, adding 50.00 or more would be suggested.

Overall, being kuripot is not an excuse not to give a tip. If you have availed of a very important service and even more you were satisfied, giving that little extra would be very helpful to that individual. 

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