Let It Go, Let It Go: Expenses I Let Go

Image from prairieecothrifter

In my pursuit to lessen my expenses every month, I tried my very best to ditch on expenses that are eating the most of my salary. This is so in order for me to be able to maximize the potential of my money and even more redirect my income to other ventures such as savings and investment. I simply want to fatten up my investment rather than fatten up my expenses. That is why at the beginning of the year and even until today, I have been letting go. Yes I did sing Let it Go when Frozen was still at its peak if you asked me. Well don’t blame me. That was one catchy song in the first place. Oh the kid in me is giggling.

I am not telling you to let go of these expenses should it prove helpful on your end. This is my take. Remember, assess first your financial goals and your priorities and so is your income. If the bulk of your money goes to these, perhaps you might want to rethink and create a budget. Your expenses must be way lower than your income. Because should the reverse happen, you will be in serious debt.
As such, here are the expenses I let go.

Credit Card. I have been aiming before to reduce the number of my credit cards. However now, I totally eliminate it. I never imagined that there would come a day that I would get rid all of it. By that I was able to pay off credit card debts and even more not a cent from my income goes to credit cards. But hey I can no longer be able to book airline tickets since I no longer have a card. Yet my good friends can be able to do my bookings on my behalf.

Postpaid Plan. I had issues with my former postpaid plan provider hence by the time my contract expired I see to it to never renew and even get one in another provider. I just opted back to prepaid. Although there’s that hassle of loading every now and then but I tend to stick with my 500 pesos load budget. Unlike with my postpaid, my bills zoom to thousands of pesos although there is that limit cap of 3,000. But having to save thousands in the process is pretty much a big deal.

Lunching out. I am still eating lunch don’t worry. It is just I was able to devise a mechanism that would help save money yet eat healthy at the same time. I just tend to buy a pack of oatmeal and milk every month and have my lunch in the office instead of going out. The entire pack of oatmeal lasts for two weeks since my boyfriend is also eating at my place of work. The costs is just less than 300 pesos and we divide it so in two weeks we only get to spend 150 pesos for our lunch. Before we tend to eat outside where every meal cost us 100. If we do a very quick math that is 100 times 10 lunches in two weeks hence that would be 1,000. With the new method, I am able to save as much as 850. Plus oatmeal is healthy.

I bet there are some expenses in your life that you can lessen and even get rid of. This will be a process and cannot be done immediately. It will take time yet the results would be great. Align it with your financial goals and even more with the money you saved, make sure you would be able to maximize and take profit from it. With that, allow me to say good luck!

By the way, I am back! 

P.S. To those doing the 52 Week Money Challenge and 52 Week Money Challenge Version 2, it is Week 26 already! Did you deposit the next amount yet?

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