3 Strong Daily Habits of The Rich and The Wealthy

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Ever wondered how the rich would start their day? Are you interested to know their strong habits that put them in that spot? What could be the common denominator of the current billionaires that we have? Can we also implement it in our lives?

In order to determine what sets the rich from the others, Author Thomas Corley conducted a five year research with regards to the daily habits of the rich and the poor. In here, he interviewed 233 wealthy individuals. This is enough to ascertain patterns and determine their daily habits.

Hence, let us take a sneak peek of the life of the rich and the wealthy.

Habit 1: Goal Setting

80% of the rich are focused on accomplishing a single goal and 81% of the rich maintain a to-do list

The rich individuals have clear goals in mind. They tend to also align their steps and their efforts in order to accomplish it. Before heading to work, they already have a few tasks they would want to accomplish that day. Aside from their short term goals, they also have long term goals. The long term goals are also items that set them apart. Such goals are relatively huge yet not impossible. The others would just be contented reaching mediocre goals in the near future. The rich ones don’t settle for anything less. Such are relatively big to imagine yet slowly and every day they are doing things that will help them reach it.

Habit 2: Waking up Early

44% of the rich wake up three hours before work

The rich are the ones who rise early. Even before the stars are out they wake up and start their day as early as they can. They know that time is money however the rich thinks that every day is another day to earn more. This could be in the form of a new client or more sales for their business. This could also mean new ideas in order to expand their business or another day to learn new things. That is why, they don’t waste the day. Every day, they keep their motivation high that is why waking up early is not a chore for them. I remember a very successful businessman who wakes up as early as 4am in order to start running his business. Imagine, while all his employees are still in deep slumber, he is already pumped out to run a business.

Habit 3: Continuous Learning

63% of the rich listen to audio books while commuting to work and 86% of the rich love to read

So you think education stops after graduation? The rich begs to differ. As such they never stop learning. They read books or listen to audio books when they have the time. Aside from that they also take up a post graduate degree or even degrees. You might find them engross in reading the paper, learning current events and more. They think of ways to advance their career hence they never stop learning and they never stop reading.

Truly there are many habits we can learn from them. Even more, these may not be set into stone and might not guarantee success yet it would not hurt to adapt it right? These habits can surely help in improving ourselves.  

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