Lent Season And Finances

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This week, we are embracing the lent season again. To us, this could mean revisiting Christ’s passion to the cross and how he made the ultimate sacrifice for us all. That is why we dedicate the entire week for such commemoration and we even started weeks early starting from Ash Wednesday until today. This is indeed the perfect time to reflect, be in touch with belief and our faith once again and more so rekindle our relationship with God.

Lent is the Christian season in preparation for Easter. This normally begins during Ash Wednesday and spans for 40 days. In here, we observe fasting, repentance and discipline. This becomes more apparent as Easter draws near especially during Maundy Thursday, Good Friday and Black Saturday.

Since, Lent observes varied modes like fasting, repentance and discipline, this is also a good season to redefine it in order to be attuned to the season. I am talking about giving Lent another definition. That is

LENT – Lessen Expenses and Neglect Temptation

Lessen Expenses

If you are one great spender, perhaps it would be best to tone it down during this season. Might as well lessen your expenses. It would be best that we find ways in order to do such. To date, there are many ways in order to help us with that. Aside from that, we can use all the extra money as tithe or offerings for the lent season. Instead of having your daily food from restaurants, you may opt to bring food from the house instead. If you can’t be able to bring food, you can always pick the cheapest alternative in the menu. Instead of having your car, why not take the public transportation. Do groceries all at once and always maintain a list of the items. And the list goes on. Sacrifice a little and use extra money to give to the church or you can always redirect it to your savings, whichever way you want.

Neglect Temptation

Good thing malls are close during Maundy Thursday and Good Friday as such you won’t be tempted to go to the malls and sneak in some shopping. Do not do activities that will tempt you to spend. Remember, we are trying to lessen our expenses here and not maximize the potential of our money and see how far it will take us. It would be best to reflect and meditate in the comfort of our own homes or in the church. At least you won’t be spending much with such. Lent after all entails discipline. And being able to neglect activities that demand money is one good way.

This Lent Season, remember why we celebrate it in the first place. Finances and being able to lessen our expenses and neglect temptation is but secondary. But at least this is also a good season to do it. Who knows, your finances might be reformed after it. 

P.S. To those doing the 52 Week Money Challenge and 52 Week Money Challenge Version 2, it is Week 15 already! Did you deposit the next amount yet?

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