Inspiring Young Entrepreneur

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Creating a business is not impossible. This holds true for Lloyd A. Luna who started his business at 23 soon after publishing companies rejected his first book, “Is There A Job Waiting For You?”.

He was a bread seller when he was a kid. Lloyd and his family live in poverty. He was born to a tricycle driver and a school teacher in Gumaca, Quezon. His common activities while growing up involve planting rice and vegetables and raising hogs. He would wake up as early as 4AM to help his father sell breads in another town. He would also be sleeping very late at night. Regardless of such, he was still able to pursue college at the Polytechnic University of the Philippines. Since he wants to land a job right away, he took Electronics and Communications Engineering instead of pursuing journalism.

However, in spite of not getting his desired degree and being rejected, he self-studied web designing and he was able to make cash to print his book and also register his publishing company. During the day, he would deliver books to bookstores and at night he would create websites. His business was no easy feat. It was a struggle considering he has no business background and he was young and inexperienced.

Yet he persevered. He started website design in a 20 square meter apartment without any telephone line and Internet connection. He would use pay phones and rent units at cafes to upload the sites. He were able to seek whatever resources at his disposal. His book was intended to help people find what they want in their life.

And now, Lloyd is a best-selling author with eight books under his belt on career and personal development. Because of such, he was cited as the youngest international journalist of the XV International Aids Conference in Bangkok, Thailand. After that, he was awarded as Collegiate Ambassador for Peace in Seoul, Korea.

Lloyd is also a regular columnist of The Manila Times, Good News Pilipinas, Kabayan Star and Pinoy Handy Magazine in Hong Kong, Planet Philippines in Canada, Netrepeneur Magazine, and My House Magazine. He’s also a business consultant to start-up companies and SMEs and Internet strategist to some of the top 500 corporations.

Truly Lloyd is a good example for many of us who wants to create a business but don’t know when and where to start. If you only have the passion and the dedication, nothing is impossible. And with that, Lloyd is truly an inspiration to us all.

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