52 Week Money Challenge And The Bible

Image from kickdebtoff

Surely you would be surprised if the 52 Week Money Challenge is in the bible. Let me tell you it isn’t. However the general idea of saving is in fact embedded here. True enough the bible is already telling us to save. And we can associate the saving technique of the challenge with 1 Corinthians 16:2

“On the first day of the week each one of you is to put aside and save, as he may prosper, so that no collections be made when I come.”

The challenge and the bible verse tell us to set a day to save every week. Though the bible states it should be the first day. Regardless bottom line is, we are advised to put aside the money and save. There is really no instructions and procedures on how to save money. The bible after all was not asking us how much to save on a weekly basis. This is pretty much a mindset and also a way of life.

The 52 Week Money Challenge is helping us create this kind of mindset and make it a lifestyle. That is why we are pushed to save every week so that sooner or later it will just flow naturally and we would just save automatically. The path to financial freedom still starts with baby steps in allocating money for savings. No one can invest right away if he or she has got no money. And where will this money come from? It is from our savings. Investing is savings too. If we cannot save, we also cannot invest.

Simply think of it this way. If the 52 Week Money Challenge can let you save up 68,900 in one year, imagine your savings for 10 years! That would be 689,000. And what if you continue this until you retire say for instance adding up another 10 years? That would be over 7 Million! How much more if you invest the money in the process? You would be gaining much more.

It is you who will be rewarded with your savings. No one else can seize its benefits and reap its rewards but only you. This is something to do for your own and not for the others. Hence, if you’ve got the money, remember the bible verse. 

P.S. To those doing the 52 Week Money Challenge and 52 Week Money Challenge Version 2, it is Week 16 already! Did you deposit the next amount yet?

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