The Week That Was March 23 - 29

Another week has gone by and can you believe it March would eventually end. How fast time is especially when you are busy and having fun. As such, let me give you a recap on what transpired for the entire week. Before anything else, let me say this, I miss doing this.

So here are the posts for the week!

Things To Do Before you Invest

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I am pretty certain that you are already geared with investing. After all this is one way to diversify our money and make our money work hard for us. However, before we invest, there are many things to consider. This is simply not something we can do just because our friends are doing it or other people are persuading us to do it. We need to be able to assess many things in ourselves such as our financial aspect and more so our personality. In order for us to know if investment is for us, better check the link to find out.

Your Investor Type

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In the previous post it was noted to consider our personality before we invest. In this post, we tackled four different personalities with varied risk appetites. As a new investor, we need to focus ourselves in identifying just what our personality is with regards to risks and investments. This will help us align what would be the most suitable investment for us. We may be conservative, moderately conservative, moderately aggressive and aggressive.

52 Week Money Challenge Lifestyle

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Another 52 Week Money Challenge post! This time around we are talking about the challenge as a lifestyle. This means embedding this in our system. Hence, this entails more than a challenge. This is something I am definitely looking forward to all the challengers. That when they finish it up, it would be something they will do out of habit.

On Parents Fighting Over Money

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This post tackles about the effects of our parents that fight over money. This also suggest ways to tackle money and financial problems in the family. Remember, parents shape our personality as we grow. After all, we are the ones close to them. How they react to certain things can greatly impact how we see it as well as we grow. That is why, it is very crucial that parents will understand how fighting can bring negative impact to their kids most especially with regards to money.

3 Finance Tips I Wish I’d Have Known After Graduation

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Since it is March and our feeds are full of graduation posts and photos, might as well jive with the celebration with this post on the three finance tips I wish I'd have known after graduation. For the graduates out there, might as well read this post so it can help you guide how you will manage your future salary. These are pretty three simple things to begin with. And by the way congratulations!

So that's a quick recap of our posts for the week. Have a great day ahead and one great week too.

P.S. To those doing the 52 Week Money Challenge and 52 Week Money Challenge Version 2, it is Week 13 already! Did you deposit the next amount yet?

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