From Junk To Millions

Image from diversityhuman
Image and content from myPuhuan, ABS CBN

Indeed the quote “may pera sa basura” holds true with this very inspiring tale of Ms. Trining Climaco. Who would have thought that the things we consider as junk would be the source of income for this great woman. And even more, she is earning millions in the process.

Trining is a grade school dropout. She then turned garbage collection. She still remembers how she worked really hard in order to give her children the best in life. She doesn’t want them to experience her life. With that motivation, she sold vegetables before and after school. At 11, she was brought to San Juan. From there she starts cleaning and fixing garbage for their family’s junk shop. That is where she met her husband who was also a garbage collector.

They decided to start their own junk shop. But it was never an easy start. They need to wake up as early as 4am to work. There they started employing others. They provide them with their salary and also their carts for collection. Then they would buy whatever their employees accumulate by the end of the day and re-sell them. With that method, every week they were able to earn thousands. As an example, they would buy newspaper for 5 pesos a kilo and would sell it at 6 pesos a kilo. This also holds true for scrap metal, plastic, metal junk and even a truck of paper. Hence they were able to earn as much as 18,300 because of these items.

Currently her business now has three trucks responsible for garbage collection with six employees. She currently owns a three storey house with nine rooms that is amounting to two million. What is even noble is that she was able to provide college education to her eight kids. In spite of her money and her fortune, Trining remains simple and without debts.

From her story, we can draw important life lessons and motivation. Instead, start with a goal in mind. In her case, it is to set a different pace for her children that is why she is keen on working and improving her life. Second, remaining simple in spite of all the money. This speaks of her character. And lastly with regards to handling debt. Trining has made it clear that even in the process of building their house, no debts were incurred. Indeed, she knows how to handle money and she handled it well. Look at where she is now. 

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