Eliminating Financial Weeds

Image from shelmerdine

Have you happen to have weeds growing around your financial garden? Are these weeds stopping you to maximize your full personal financial potential? Is it already harming you and crippling your finances? If that is the case it is time to pull it off and eliminate it.

We all known that a weed is one troublesome plant that leeches its nutrients to the plants that we have. This can impede the growth of the plant because the weed is the one benefiting from it. If we tend to equate this one with our finances, these weeds are the ones hindering us to be financially free. The problem here is when we just let them be and we don’t want to pull it. When we cannot tend to our personal finances, these weeds can take over. Hence, it would be best that as early as now we know what our financial weeds are and slowly pull them out. Simplifying our personal finance can help prevent these weeds from growing. Here are some of them.

Unnecessary Credit Cards

Credit cards are considered double edged swords. It can work well to our advantage or it cannot. However, having like three or more credit cards are considered unnecessary already. It would be best to maintain only one and even two. Two should be enough in order to avoid getting things out of control. Slowly eliminate the cards. If you cannot, consider lower credit limits for your cards.


Do not let this grow to your system. As much as possible, try your best not to incur further details and slowly pay it off. Do not simply grab an opportunity to ask a loan. This can be very difficult to get rid of. As much as possible use cash for every purchase then save up your money and redirect these savings to pay off your debts.

No Budget

If you do not have a budget then you will let other weeds grow and feed to your financial system simply because you do not know where your money will go. This can be a burden since you might pave the way to buy items you basically do not need at all. Remember weeds can grow very fast and it is pretty difficult to eliminate. To solve this, simply spare a portion of your time every payday to create a budget. Stick to the easy ones that you can do. Budgeting need not be extensive and time consuming.

Simplifying your life can greatly help in eliminating those financial weeds. As such, there are still the ones that grow within us such as vices, splurging and more. Take the time to assess the financial weeds that you have and take action in eliminating it and uprooting it for life.

P.S. To those doing the 52 Week Money Challenge and 52 Week Money Challenge Version 2, it is Week 13 already! Did you deposit the next amount yet?

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